Friday, March 28, 2008

One last play date....and goodbye:)

Well, Katie and Lily and Lucy and Trent are on to Grants Pass:)...
Katie called upon arrival and was SO excited about how much space she has in her new house, so i'm so so so elated for her!! She deserves it:)
The day before they left, we went and got Lily so Megan and Lily could play..they rode their bikes out side....well, rather Lily mostly pushed Megan around on Lily's was hilarious...they marched back and forth across the parking lot. Once they finished there, we played inside for a bit:)

the Girls attacking Steve! I spoke to Katie today and she said this morning
that Lily said "mama, I wa play with Tee" that's what she calls him "Tee".it's soooo
Cute!! and then she added "And Cole and Meggy" lol
( i'm Cole, incase you didn't figure that one out)

You might notice all the tattoos up Lily's arm ..haha...this was Steve's "get back at Katie" for
a chocolate Easter bunny she gave Megan last year! He's been swearing he was going to
do something! such a goof! haha

I love this one of them rolling around!

Then the next day was time to say goodbye...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


When I moved to Portland...I knew I was guaranteed to make friends at church.....i'm lucky being a member of the have instant friends anywhere you go....

after being here for just a few weeks, I met Katie. She was at a WSCC event and somehow we were introduced. I can't remember much after that...I remember Lily being just a month or two old though...and walking to her apartment to hang out. Then she moved to sandstone and that's when it all started.

It didn't take long to know that Katie was the type of friend I could tell anything to....and be myself around. It wasnt' long before I found myself talking to her on the phone about 5x a day just to talk about "stuff", weddings, makeup, mom stress, school stress, funny stories, sleep deprivation, teething etc.... just "stuff". The kind of conversations I have with my sister.

Katie has seen me at my absolute WORST and I don't even care....when I have NO makeup on, hair is greesy nappy mess, zits on my face, oversized jogging pants, no get the picture:)...and I dont' even feel uncomfortable ! lol...that's when I knew Katie was my best friend. She has become my 3rd Sister. She has stood by me and been my family away from home for 2yrs. I have seen her raise Lily and admired her as a mom and a wife. We have gone through our 2nd pregnancies together and she's become one of my hero's watching her raise Lucy the last 5mos.

She has loved me for me....even the parts of me that over opinionated, stubborn, judgemental, emotional, weak and silly. She has never made me feel bad for my weaknesses...she has earned my trust and she has set an incredible example for me.

well.....Katie is moving in 2 days. I KNOW it is only 4hrs away...but STILL! I'm sort of falling apart today. I really can't imagine going through the next year without her by my side. Just knowing I can call her any day and say "come over, i'm bored" ...or "Megan wants to play with Lily" or " want to go shopping?", " want to hang out? " " want to come for dinner?", " want to go for a walk?", "want to go to Target?", "want to go to Walmart? " , " winco?" sigh....

I have a hard time opening up and making REALLY CLOSE friends..I know you don't believe me...but it's true. I can't just be ME around anyone....... and I actually think this is a tribute to KATIE....she has the kind of welcoming personalilty that makes ANYONE feel comfortable. I see it all the time. ANY time someone is talking to her, they are laughing...they are smiling.

Katie is a fabulous person. I know that many of you reading this are going to miss her too.... wrap this up.

I need friends.

So if you think you qualify, please contact me:

Here are some of the things I am looking for:

Applicant must be able to:

-come over at anytime, no matter HOW bad you look

- talk about absolute nothing and be able to just sit while one of us cooks dinner, or look through magazines, or watch tv etc ..just hang out...with no expectations of getting anything productive done:)

-be willing to let me do their makeup anytime I get the urge or buy new products and want to try them out on someone

-love my Megan and Erika as much as I do. Katie have been like a 2nd mom to my girls. Megan loves you SO Much!

-laugh with me and cry with me

-listen to my whining and complaining...and then at the end of it say something optimisitic to make me want to be better

-don't mind me calling every morning at 8am to say "HIIIII!!! what ya doin'? how did the girls sleep? what are you doing today? want to hang out? " lol...yes. I'm serious.


Katie, can you think of anything else???


i'm all worn out..this stuff is emotionally draining.

Katie. I love you. thank you for being my very bestest friend. I am a better person for having you in my life.

Love Nicole

Katie, I stole this picture from your blog since I forgot my camera at home! grrr....
you better email them all to me:)
Katie with her best friends out for dinner.
we love you Katie Kate-ster.

Me and Katie with our big pregnant Bellies

Katie went into labour 10days later...I'll never forget that amazing feeling when she called me at 7am crying saying "Nicole, she' s here, she's here! I didn't have time to call you because it happened so fast!" I just started crying I was so excited!

It was soooo amazing to go see little Lucy at the Hospital. I was so excited I could not WAIT to get there! I felt so much Joy when I walked in and saw my sweet friend with her new baby girl.

I was very proud of her. I'll never forget that feeling.

Thankfully, My baby girl was born 2 days later..and somehow, Katie found the time to come see us in the hospital:) She is awesome.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This the season!!......for what you ask? I don't know...for new haircuts?

Wow.....Megans hair sure does bounce up after you cut it :oD.....So,I got a little scissor happy, what can I say?:)
the other day I gave her bangs b/c they are ALWAYS in her face....and today I decided she would look cute as a miniture Katie do YOU think?
I think she's gorgeous no matter what...and yes, I might be living my dream of having short hair through her... just a little bit.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NEW JEANS!!! Seven Jeans Low Rise Ginger Pant in Tahiti

Seriously, a girls best friend these days are some designer, high quality jeans that make your butt look great!!! especially after having 2 babies!

SO, I did it..I had some money saved and went to Nordstrom today and splurged on a new pair of jeans!Though I couldn't believe how much I spent on ONE pair of jeans...they are soooooo worth it and will last forever:)
The wide leg bottom is coming back in style and apparently so is the light wash this go grab yourself a pair:)
here's a pic from the website of what they look like:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tooth #2 is IN:) I can't believe my little baby has 2 teeth already.
so sweet....and she's been sleeping 12hrs straight while this 2nd tooth came in...what a good girl!!!
Makes mommy VERY Happy!!! H.A.P.P.Y!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So...My mom and I have had a ROUGH go the last 10yrs....but here is some history and some tribute to her. I think she's feeling a little low after all my raving about my dad:)
My mom grew up with some tough circumstances. Her dad died in front of her at age 6, she endured years of various types of abuse. no need to go into it further. at age 18, she married my dad, and by age 24 had 3 little girls , of which I am the youngest. They divorced at age 28 which lead to years of heartache and struggle on her part. She kinda got the sucky end of the deal on that one. BUT I tribute her for NEVER bad mouthing my dad and never keeping us from him, which has allowed us to keep a very loving relationship with him. She understood that little girls need a father.
Thank you Mom.
Now that I have children......hindsight is a beautiful thing. Today at church, Lindsey Woolsey looked over as we're trying to get our kids together, b/c none of our husbands were at church as they were all studying and writing final exams, and said " I never want to be a single mom".
it made me think about MY mom though. How did she do it? how did she not jump off a bridge?
there are nights when I can BARELY get both girls into bed.....Ijust don't have the energy. Thing is My mom worked 3 jobs and THEN had to come home , feed us and put us to bed. Sometimes I wondered why some days she didnt' get up withus in the morning before school? Today I put the cartoons on for Megan and went back to bed.
or why she had to go to work AGAIN that night after she had just worked all day?
You see.....she did WAY more than I was EVER capable of. ....I'm finally starting to " get it". And I realize the pain was hers. I could not imagine having to leave Megan and Erika out of sheer survival.
I expected too much. As a daughter, I think i've let her down. I've failed her by making her feel like her best wasn't good enough...and now I live in fear that Megan will grow up and make me feel the same way. All I can do now is let her know that she is special. She is amazing. Her best was better than what I could ever do.
I love her. I admire her. I'm thankful to God FOR her.
When she came down after Erika was born...she made us dinner EVERY night...(oh.and somehow in all those crazy years growing up, my mom became a damn good cook!),
and I really did NOT want her to leave!
I'm sorry I dont' give you more credit for what you've done for me mom. Not sure WHY mom's always go so unnoticed.
but I love you. Always have. Always will......around the world a million times;)

My mom and Jeff with Megan

My crazy family!

My mom cooking Christmas Dinner in the kitchen at my sisters.

Me and My mom befor my mission

Me with My first boyfriend...My mom made this jumper and it was my FAVORITE!

Us 3 little girls in homemade dresses
my mom made for us:) i'm the little one:)
Where she found time, I have NO idea!

A little time for some Craftiness

Well, before Megan was born I spent alot of time makeing baby blankets and her crib bedding etc...I mean I mad a LOT of blankets!!! little blankets, big blankets.........
it has been a while since I was able to get Crafty again. I did make Erika her "blankie" of course, but that's it.
This weekend we had a little gathering for a friend of ours, Honi and Josh who are having their 2nd baby boy. I found out Honi really wanted something homemade so it gave me an opportunity to get creative.
I LOVE Amy Butler fabric and I was really happy with how the blanket for baby Cooper turned out! All my other blankets have been pretty plain so this was the first time I really made something unique and fun:)
thanks for the opportunity Honi, I remember now how much I love to do this kind of stuff!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


SORRY!! Amy Marshall informed me there was no comment option on the bottom 5 posts..
I've fixed it now. I was wondering why no one thought the tail post was as hilarious as I did!!
I expect to hear from you now:)

Here Kitty Kitty.....

no peeking. read this first:

So, it's 5:30am and I just got this picture from Katie and I'm in hysterics!
Yesterday, Katie watched the girls for me, yes that makes FOUR total! lol, she's crazy, but she really wanted the babysitting money:).....anyway, I had to work so she was sweet enough to do it. Last night she fills me in on this....
Megan goes and gets the kitty tail and ears from Lily's Hallowe'en costume and puts on the ears...then she says
Megan: "Katie....I want to wear the tail?"
Katie: "Well, you don't have anyway to put it on?"....
Megan..."hmmmm ....I have These!"...(pointing to her draw string on her pants)...
Katie: Okay....( What were you thinking? !!!!! LOL)
So she ties it on....and then Megan proceeds to swing it around..... and say
"Katie, look at me!"

At that moment, I think in hindsight, Katie realized what she had done. ....thankfully she snapped this picture before correcting the situation.

**UPDATE** Katie's email to me this morning:
"you should also add that megan was actually swinging it around in circles much to my dismay and putting it up and down using both hands like it was an elephant's trunk."

I seriously died laughing.........
thanks Katie...Oh how i'll miss you and Lily and Lucy when you're gone.
you're the best....and Megan...You rock!

Friday, March 14, 2008


After a week of some very strange behaviour and 2 hr nightwakings....we woke up this morning to find Erika's FIRST TOOTH!!!! SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! I was jumping up and down I was so excited for her! I think it's so fun when they get their little teeth. Megan didn't get her first tooth til she was 7mo's this is EARLY!! but YAY!! and we're hopefully back to nice long nights again:) Congratulations Erika!! So look closely..and you can see it on the bottom:)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've been tagged...

Thanks Amy.....SIX random things? oh boy..this should be fun....lets see....
I'll put some things I dont' think any or many of you know about me:

1. I broke my nose as a kid, as a pitcher for my baseball team, and then had it re-broken and had rhinoplasty done to it when I was 17...and it's STILL crooked! but it's WAY better than before:)

2. I have NEVER lived with my dad. Well not since I was 3 when they divorced....yet, we saw him on the weekends and he is one of my best friends. I'm so glad we are so close even though we never lived with him. He brings me so much happiness.

3. I was a total ugly duckling til about 19yrs old:) and a nerd:)

4. The last time I read a fiction book ,I was in high school. The only books I read are self help books and Church books. don't know why...I love learning about my dysfunctional behaviors and trying to fix it! LOL. it's true. books on my bedside table right now are:
"The Book of Mormon", "Bonds That Make us Free: Healing our relationships, coming to ourselves" , "The Secret", "A New Earth", and "Eat, Pray, Love"....well, I guess that's sort of her biography. anyway...yeah, those are the kind of books I love:)

5. My greatest, greatest, greatest fear is having my girls grow up and resent me for something or having failed them in some way as a mother

6. I miss team sports from highschool SO much! My favorites were Basketball, baseball, soccer and track. I plan to join a baseball team again when my kids are older.

OH....and I tag Katie Teegarden and Challene Green

Boys will be boys.....

Or not.
After visiting Katie yesterday we went to see my other best friend Kim...yes I have 3 best friends down here:) and Megan LOVES to play with her boys, Owen and Henry. Well, Owen decided it was cool to put on Megan's PINK Tanktop and did not want to take it off. Thought it was worthy of a picture. I hold on to this for future blackmail Kim:)

Megans Little Invention....
So, I leave the room for about 5min today and I come back and Megan has tied her jump rope around Erika's jumperoo...she LOVES to tie knots...and is pulling her back and forth! lol...Erika quite liked was hilarious to watch and I was pretty proud Megan came up with that idea on her own.
New "happiest moments of my life": Watching these two play together. can't get enough of it! I love them!! Best Friends Forever! SISTERS RULE!

Is my house clean or what?
I was sewing all looked like a bomb went off!

p.s My pictures suck b/c megan broke the lens cover and has finger prints all over it and I can't get in to clean it off! argh...

Welcome Baby Mckenzie

So, one of my best friends, Katie Hendrickson, just had her THIRD baby girl!!! Of course, coming from a family of 3 girls myself..AND being the third girl, I think this is extra fantastic..and Mckenzie is bound to be a wonderful addition to this family....
Can I also say that Katie does not look like she just had a baby! somehow I didn't get a picture of her! hmmph... and she is one of, if not THE best mom I know! I admire her SO much! I always leave with atleast 2 things I want to do better as a mom after being with her.
This time it was....I need to make Scrapbooks for my girls!!! they would just love it! how will I explain to them when they're older why I didn't do it's on the list of things to do!!!

Here's little Mckenzie with My girls and her 2 big Sisters, Taylor and Hallie....

The Sisters....awww

She is SOOOOOOO sweet! I tell you....

All the girls....yes, Mckenzie is still sleeping through this...
why didn't I get a baby like that? that's okay, you earned it Katie;)

Taylor and Hallie making their funny faces:)

She is so small and sweet, it felt like I was holding a kitten...I NEVER had
a baby this small. I WANT ONE!! she is so precious!

I can't say enough how sweet she is. Look at that little face.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tribute to My big girl:)

People are always asking me lately "How much does she weigh?" lol...sister Brough tried to hold her last night but after about 3min admitted she was too heavy when you're not used to it.
You're tellin' me!
So, I had her weighed today and before I left Steve and I took guesses and ofcourse....I WON!:) 4mo's 1wk old...she is 18lbs 9oz! !!!!
I love you my sweet, baby girl! Giant or not;)

The Other Day

Erika and Lucy hanging out in her crib while Katie ran to the pharmacy:) awww

between the two of them, they hardly fit in there! they're both big girls!

Lucy really loved that mobile but I think she was hot...megan put the thickest fleece blanket on her and tucked her all in! lol

Erika just played with her blanky...she's starting to get that look like "okay, get me out of here already". She had woken from her nap and was probably wondering why the heck she was still in there:)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Through a childs eyes....

I drew a picture of Megan the other day at her request...and then afterward she drew one of me......
not sure if I should laugh or cry...
but apparently this is what she saw LOL

Okay, get up off the floor now....

On a more positive note..she is getting so good at writing.
You can see she wrote Meg to the left and Mom underneath:)
she is so smart!!:):)

Megans little Makeover....

After doing a brides hair/makeup trial run the other day, Megan brought me curling iron and asked me to show her how to use it...(it was off of course), so I showed her how I wrapped the hair around it and she asked me to do hers!I jumped at the opportunity b/c she NEVER lets me do her hair!...for those of you wondering why a hair/makeup artist has a daughter who perpetually has MESSY's b/c she won't let me touch it! I have to totally bribe her to get pony tails or barretts in it!
So, I sat her on my big makeup chair and started curling....ofcourse 2 curled sections of hair in, she wanted to stop, but I made her sit there:)
anyway...the I wanted to take her picture....she was playing with one of my eyeshadow brushes...and being so silly!

How many times do I have to tell her to open her eyes lol
Oh...I see eyeball!
Okay..WAY too much eyeball in this one! ...
and put that little tongue back in your mouth!
yup...again closed eyes...she does this on purpose! she is so funny