Saturday, February 14, 2009

6yr Anniversary post

So today is Steve and I's 6yr anniversary:)...Yes, we were married on Valentines Day.

I am still so inlove with My Stevie and we often reflect upon how blessed we are to have eachother and to love eachother so much.

I thought I would put up a post about all the ways Steve has supported me and been there for me the last 6yrs as we've grown together as husband and wife AND as parents:)

1. At the Birth of our daughter Megan, Steve was right by my side, giving me a blessing when they said I'd have to have a C-section after pushing for almost 3hrs and sharing the tearful joy when Megan came out Naturally!! *no C-section.
I'll never forget the love and support I felt from Steve those first few hours, days and weeks.
B/c I had lost so much blood I passed out shortly after giving birth and didn't wake for a few hours. Steve was left alone with a SCREAMING baby not knowing what the heck to do with her.
When we got moved to our own room, I could not roll over, sit up, or move at all on my own...which meant Steve was the one to get up and tend to Megan all night long virtually alone.
At one point he went home to shower at about 3am and come right back b/c I couldn't get to megan on my own (he had been up for more than 24hrs I think)...he said he just layed on the shower floor he was so tired:(
When we arrived home, he did everything I needed him too and constantly told me how amazing he thought I was.
Our love grew.
2. After I had Megan, she cried for the first few months ALOT and I fell into a really bad post pardum depression. I'm sure, looking back, that living with me was a bit of hell at that time, but Steve stood by me and loved me anyway. I know it was the hardest time in our marriage but Steve still did all he could to make us happy. He made sure I got out a few times a week alone just to get away from the crying. He helped me sleep train Megan amongst other things.
Again, our love grew.

2b. During this year after Megan was born when things were really rough, Steve made Dinner for us pretty much every night. I hated cooking back then even more than I do now and he would come home from school and make dinner every night. I still feel grateful for that help looking back
MY love DEFINITELY Grew for him at that time.

3. When I decided to go to school to get my makeup liscense, Steve stayed home every saturay (and pretty much every saturday since) with Meg so I could chase my dream.
Because of this sacrifice he has missed out on A LOT of extra curicular activities with friends and has given up his only free time during the week because he understood that this sacrifice blessed our family as a whole. I think b/c he has had so much alone time with Meg and now Erika he has become a better father.
Our love continues to grow as we work together.

4. Steve always listens to me when I need him to. He knows when something is REALLY bothering me and he has always been willing to work on any issues we have. Sometimes this means swallowing pride and being more humble to make sure that our marriage is successful and thriving. I know that when it comes down to it, he will do anything it takes to make our marriage work. I love him for that.
Everytime we have one of those "reset" conversations....
our love grows.

5. Steve is a constant support and help to me with the girls:
getting up at night (when they were babies), doing their bedtime routines, changing diapers, playing with them when I have no energy left. He is always willing to help me with dishes, laundry, vacuuming etc. He ALWAYS lets me go out with friends when I need a break and never makes me feel bad about it or complains.
As a women, this REALLY makes you love your spouse more...and so.....
Our love grows.

Steve was saying the other night how choosing your spouse can really be a gamble and how lucky we are that we both turned out "normal" (whatever that is! lol)....but it's true...I am so blessed. Steve is everything and more than I ever dreamed of having in a husband: he is charming, FUNNY, smart, charismatic, kind, romantic, spontaneous, and talented. He is the most amazing father and he loves us 3 girls more than anything....well maybe his 5D is right up there with us, but still. (kidding).

anyway, Thanks for the past 6yrs Steve. I love you SO much.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Exceptional Vendor"

One of the photographers I work with, Amy Vining, has featured me on her blog as one of her "Exceptional Vendors". I thought that was so sweet of her! you can check out the post here:

However, I was even more amazed at what my past brides and brides to be wrote as comments to that post! I almost cry when I read's so touching to hear what they think of me..and also makes me want to continue to live up to that reputation!!
I love my job! I love love love doing makeup...always will..I can't imagine a life without me doing it...I am SO blessed!!!

Anyway..thank you to all my amazing brides and thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an important day in your life!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I can't believe it...I totally got sucked in. I haven't read the books but last night I went and saw Twilight...about 45minutes in, I was totally smitten.

Bella and Edward are amazing together. It's so silly b/c we all know vampires don't exist and men like that don' t exist...but man it sure pulls at your emotions!!

I can't wait to see the next one...and i'll definitely buy the movie when it comes out!

I'm such a SUCKER! rating 10/10!
L.O.V.E.D IT!!!
(disclaimer* I'm totally a fool for romance, not all people will agree with my raving review of the movie)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A quick trip to the Park

So the last 2 days we've had some semi-warm weather...
erika has been putting grabbing her jacket and shoes lately and standing at the door so she is really dying to get outside. yesterday we saw a small window of opportunity and took it!!
Our friend Julie has a little girl, Lucie, the same age as Erika and also a 2mo old baby girl Holly who is in teh hospital:( was watching Lucie for the day and we took all of them to the park. It was fun and we got some great pics!

I could not get over how cute this picture was! Her mouth is full of peanut butter sandwich! lol

This is Lucie. She was born 6 days after Erika. They are so cute and almost the exact same size.

This picture was SO priceless it was worth posting in color AND Black and white:)

Meg just "hangin'" around:)

Little AJ or "Age" as Meg calls him ....

Or "deg geh"as Erika calls him ! haha

Erika and AJ

My beautiful little girl:) She looks so much Like Steve!

Sisters= Best friends Forever

Mooshy deep in thought...

Lacey walking with AJ and Lucie. did I mention Lacey is also 5 mo's pregnant? she's such a trooper!

Afterwards we walked to check the mail and they were all standing banging on the boxes and I said "Lace, quick take a picture!" she caught this and I thought it was an awesome shot..even Steve approved, Good job Lacey!!

well, that was our day at the park..

OH..and I had to post this picture...

When I got back from running this morning the sun was just coming up.

THIS is the view of Mt. Hood from our living room...we are so blessed..

isn't this beautiful??!!

Hot tubin it...

The other day it was quite warm, considering the freezing weather we've had, so Lacey suggested we ask them to turn the hot tub on and take the kids in.
Megan and AJ are especially excited when we do this but Erika had a blast too:)

I love the Mooshes face here

Such a cute picture

Erika Jumping...she wanted to keep doing this over and over again. I can' t wait til summer...the pool will be so much fun with 2 crazy girls!

Megan and AJ jumping...AJ Jumped on 2 and Megan jumped on 3 funny!

This is how chaotic it is when we're in there!
Erika loves it when Lacey kisses her

Me and My mooshy baby.
My sweet little muffin.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy Eights....

I was you go:

I don't think I even watch 8 shows...but here are my favorites
1. Biggest Loser
2. The Bachelor
3. The Office
4. American Idol

1. Went to church
2. Read the Ensign
3. watched the Office with Steve
4. felt the Spirit in testmony meeting
5. cleaned my living room
6. showered..(it was the Sabbath okay..not alot exciting other than church)
7. played with My girls
8. Made out with my cute husband;0)

1. Steve being done with school
2. Our 6yr anniversary next week:)
3. Going to Hawaii
4. My "secret" for Steve (Can't say here)
5. Getting my hair colored today
6. Sleep.....always!!:)
7. Owning a house, so my sister and her kids can come stay with us!
8. Having a backyard!!

1. Bocelli's
2. Subway
3. Earls (canada)
4. White Spot (canada)
5. Bajio's *probably my Favorite!
6. clays smoke house (only been once but it was delicious!)
7. Portland Chop and Steakhouse

1. To get in shape and run a half marathon
2. To own a house
3. To be financially independant
4. To go somewhere tropical with husband
5. To be a better mother
6. To be a better friend and a good example to others
7. This amazing pair of Rock and Republic jeans..there $240..will probably be on this list for a LONG time! haha
8. To have the Spirit with me more

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Jenny May
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