Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can't believe I forgot to post this....

So, I never posted pics from my birthday weekend. 

As I mentioned in a post below....I turned 30 on Dec 27th. On January 3rd, me and a few of my good friends: Katie, Katie, Honi, Tahsha and Myself stayed at the Embassy suites over night. It was just to get away from our kids and have a super fun girls night out...I wish I could have afforded to pay for more rooms so more of my friends could have come..but Steve only let me pay for one room. 
We met at the hotel around 5pm and got ready to go for dinner. We took a tonne of stupid but fun self portraits and then we headed to bridgeport and ate at California pizza kitchen...

Afterwards we came back to the hotel and went in the hot tub  and pool til about 1am....we were then up til 5am talking!!! Actually Katie T and Katie H were gabbing and I was barely keeping my ears open (eyes were definitely shut!) to listen to their hilarious conversation. Poor Tahsha was TRYING to get some sleep in the living room so she could go to work at 9am!

I think one of the funniest moments was having a doggie paddle race across the pool with Katie...and then when all 5 of us raced, Honi was swimming SO fast!! (doing the doggie paddle remember) and Katie T yells out "what the heck, you're like a freaking labradore!"....I just about drown I laughed so hard and had to reach for the ledge of the pool before I went under ...I'll never forget that!

the next morning we had our yummy "made to order" continental breakfast!! I didn't even know hotels did that?? then we met at Mothers restaurant with the rest of my friends for a late breakfast early lunch. It was so much fun! I love ALL my friends so much. I'm very blessed!!
So...Happy late 30th to me!. So far, 30 isn't bad......I only feel 28.
Tahsha, me and Katie T

Shopping in BCBG before dinner
Katie H and Katie T
Katie T and Honi
Me and Tahsh
having dinner
The Birthday Girl! That's me:)
Me and "dude" ...that's what I call her most of the time
The sweetest most amazing women you'll ever meet...
Our Doggie paddle race...we were laughing so hard and trying not to get our hair wet!! 
I think Katie was doing her Monkey impression here???? Katie...thoughts?

Amy, Becki and Daya...It's Becki's fault for not smiling! haha
All of us ladies for Breakfast at "Mothers" was delish!!!!!!!!
Starting in the center and going left: Holly, (Porter), Amy, Becki, Daya, Susan, Katie T, Katie H, Gayle, Christie, Lacey, Me, Joy and Julie. 
My birthday cake!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So far behind...

I know i'm so far behind...but I feel like i've spent this whole last week cleaning up snot, poop and vomit. Gross, I know...but tis the life of a mother:)

Erika is finally getting better...THANK GOODNESS! she has been nothing but WHINEY for 5 she is finally smiling again...and EATING..
I took her to the Doctor yesterday and she is down to 27lbs 4oz....she was 29lbs in October and we're sure she gained from there, so she lost a few pounds this week from not eating...she even LOOKS skinnier to's weird.

Poor baby...anyway, i'm just glad to have her feeling like herself again:)
Last week before all this happened though...we got a late Christmas present from our Aunti Hattie and Uncle Wes (who is also my 3rd cousin)...that's a long story..maybe i'll blog about it know about how Steve and I found out we were RELATED 6mos into our marriage:)
Anyway, back on we got this late Christmas package...they sent Megan some stickers, a book and a little bear who has a virtual life on line. She has named her "Becca" and now sleeps with her everynight...i know that means she must REALLY love her b/c she only sleeps with Robbie and Puppy Love.....

They sent Erika this AMAZING Quilt. They made one for Megan too after she was born and I have LOVED them both! Both have such beautiful bright colors-which I love.

This one has little scottie dogs ( I think that's what they'r called?) all over them and it is Beautiful. I always feel so humbled when Hattie makes us a quilt b/c I know how much love and TIME went into it. She is super talented and has even won awards for some incredible quilts she has done. Erika has slept with it every night since and we will cherish it always.

Thank you Aunti Hattie!!!!

Here's a picture of sleepy Erika when she first got her quilt...isn't it beautiful??

And this is the Quilt that Hattie made Megan 4yrs ago. I love them!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just had to share a funny moment....

The other day Megan shouted the following from the toilet: 
"Mommy...come here quick, there's chocolate in my underwear!!"

I can't explain the looks on Steve and I's face but I went running in there to find some little skid marks....and then I remembered she had wiped her own bum earlier that morning. 
Oh gosh..these are the moments life is made of. 
Steve and I secretly laughed our butts off (not wanting her to feel bad, we tried to hide our amusement) and then said "Megan that's NOT chocolate! " 

This was about 4 days ago and we're still laughing about it. 


So today is day 1 of the Reset for me:)

This is to reset my metabolism and get rid of my carb and sugar cravings. The first time I did the reset after Megan was born I was at the same starting weight as I am now and I lost 8lbs....however this time I dont' think I eat as much as I used to so i'm curious to see if I even lose 2 lbs....not that that is why i'm doing it, but just curious to see.

Anyway, this means I will be eating nothing but Low glycemic shakes, bars and fruits and vegetables for 5 days!

This also means no cooking dinner (except for the girls) ! yahoo!!

wish me luck!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My little Ballerina part 2

Megan had her frist dance Recital this week to showcase the dance they learned for Christmas. it was adorable!!!! Just look at her! she's such a little poser...just like her mommy:)
We were SO proud and Erika was just beside herself with Glee watching her!

Then of course Erika had to run out and give her a big hug!!