Friday, October 31, 2008

A story in pictures:)

So forgot to mention one little detail about Erika's birthday. She had her first LOLLYPOP! it was an "organic" apple lollypop lol......
the pictures pretty much explain what she thought of the experience. See for yourself:):)
I love you Moosh.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Moosh is on the Move!

Yup...the dreadful day has come....the moosh is WALKING. Just kidding but she's really gonna keep me on my toes now!! It all started at my sisters about a week ago. She saw her big cousin Noah (14mos) walking everywhere and you could tell she REALLY wanted to do it and then one day without warning she let go of the table and walked over to me. since then she has been working really hard on it.

Well, here she is in all her glory. walking everywhere. Pretty darn cute actually:)She falls down alot but she just gets right back up and keeps goin:) that's my girl! determined:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Erika's birthday

So, we started the day off with presents in our bed:) Megan gave Erika this sweet Pea. She is a little doll that comes in a pod....Erika LOVES it!!! she carries her with her everywhere she goes now:)
Here she is hugging Sweet Pea

Drinking her bottle and still hugging sweet pea

Opening her next present....very excited! doing her "oooh, oooh, oooh" face:)

clearly distraught about SOMETHING....I dont' know what though:)
Then we went to the zoo but Steve has those pictures.
then later we had icecream sandwiches!! she loved it. obviously. you can see for yourself:)

Taste Testing.

Goin' for it!

why not lick the bowl? actually what she was doing here was picking up the cookies and putting them in the bowl, then dump out like so, and repeat. over and over again.

so cute!!! her not me:)

This is my Favorite!!!! she is signing "more" here!! LOL.
yeah, right, do yout think i'm CRAZY? nice try Erika. nice try. Mommy wasn't born yesterday.

This was our end result. of course she HAD to rub it in her hair. she's such a monkey.
Have I mentioned already how much I love this girl????
oh...and she's walking. I can't post the video but i'm working on it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My baby girl is 1!!!!!!!!! (warning long post: Birth story)

OH my gosh, so I can’t even believe that my little baby girl is turning 1 tomorrow.
This has been the fastest year of my life. AS I look back on it, I see how much I have fallen in love with her. She is so full of life and zest and well “piss and vinegar” as my mom would sayJ She is a fiery little thing but also SO sweet, sensitive and FUNNY! Gosh, she has made us laugh. …..

So, here’s how little Erika made her entry into this world.
I had wanted to have a natural birth so badly this time as my labor and birth experience with Megan was definitely less than ideal. I read the hypnobirthing book, listened to relaxation cd’s religiously each day and even took some hypno birthing classesJ I was determined to do everything on my end to have a natural birth. I said my birthing affirmation aloud to myself daily… favorite was: “My baby is the perfect size for my body”…this will prove to be really funny in a few minutes.
As well, I prayed daily asking God to let me have a positive experience and to experience child birth the way it was before we had all the options we do nowJ. My other big thing was that I did not want to be induced b/c I heard it was a lot harder to have a natural birth if induced…plus I really wanted to experience spontaneous labor.
So, anyway…..My due date came and went and I was becoming more and more discouraged…..when I was 9 days overdue they set up an induction date for me. I was so sad thinking and feeling like she would NEVER come on her own. Maybe my body would never go into labor on it’s own I thought.
I asked Steve for a blessing and in the blessing he told me that I would “marvel at how everything turned out”. Interesting….but my faith still waivered. I had worked so hard for this and I felt like I might lose my opportunity.
On day 10 which was a Wednesday. I went into the midwives and they stripped my membranes for a THIRD time!!. The good news though was that I was 3cm dilated.
About 1 hr later I started to have contractions. This was 4pm in the afternoon. The contractions were mild but 5minutes apart. Finally about about 11pm I went to bed since they were not progressing.
I woke at 2am but went right back to sleep.
I woke at 4am and got up out of frustration saying to myself “I CANNOT believe I’m not in labor yet” Talk about discouraged…this was day 11…yes ELEVEN.
Well, about 5minutes later my contractions were 3minutes apart and getting very strong. I woke Steve and told him this was it and we better get packed. I called Erin Hill to come over and she left right away.
Now the fun begins. I called my midwife to tell her it was time to go…and she said…
Guess what she said?
“Ummmm….I don’t know how to tell you this, but the hospital is full”…

Me: “umm…huh? What? What does that mean? Where do I go? Who will deliver my baby?”. I was trying to be calm b/c my hypno book had taught me to just roll with the punches.
Midwife: “let me call some hospitals and call you back”
Me: “okay”…( yikes.) (So, after all this preparation I’m going to be dealing with some midwife at a different hospital I’ve never met before).
This was a big concern of mine. Being with someone I like who I was comfortable with.
Anyway, she called me back and told me to go to Legacy Emanuel…that there was a midwife waiting for me.

Steve and I left (thank you Erin for watching Megan!!). I remember laughing on the way to the hospital b/c he was saying some funny things…..and telling him to stop b/c every time I laughed it hurt like hell.

I arrived at the hospital and had the whole floor to myselfJ Nice. She checked me in and I was 5cm. I requested to be in the tub and got in about 45min later.
Steve and I followed our Hypnobirthing plan and I just totally relaxed. While I was in the tub, they had a shift change and Elizabeth Robinson came on shift as the midwife who would deliver my babyJ she was everything I ever dreamed of. She was young, sweet, and compassionate and I felt SO comfortable with her. You can see me now thanking GOD!
Anyway, she checked me in the tub and I was 7cm. Things were definitely becoming stronger but I was very focused and relaxed. At about 8cm I felt the urge to just get into bed.
I crawled into bed and just wanted to lie there and do my slow breathing through the contractions. I had a lot of back labor at this point and the nurse Lynell was amazing…she just kept putting HARD pressure on my back. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Lynell and Liz were more than I could have ever asked for. A better fit for me than any of the midwives at my original clinic.
At 10cm I was ready to start pushing. I thought for sure I was done. 10min of pushing I thought and she’ll be out.
Boy was I wrong….
It took another 90minutes to get that monkey out. We tried every position and Liz just kept saying, “We just got to get her head around that corner” I kept responding with “Why isn’t she coming out? Why is this taking so long” to which she replied “I don’t’ know????”
The best part was when they got out the bar to put over the bed so I could practice my naked aerialist skills….kidding, but really….I was hanging there buck naked screaming like a banshee trying to push this girl out!
After 90minutes she made her way into the world….I did it. No drugs at all. I was SO proud of myself and still am.
She weighed in at a measly 10lbs 4oz , 22inches long and with a 15” head.
Hows’ that for “My baby is the perfect size for my body”?
She had size 2 feet and couldn’t fit into the newborn diapers. How can you not just love her? She obviously was trying to make a statement? Lol…watch out world, here I come. I’m big and bad and you better stay out of my way! HA!. Okay, maybe not, but if you knew her now, she has a very big attitude. It is adorable.

She was so chubby and cute and totally calm just like hypno babies are…I loved her. Instantly. So precious. So mine. SO worth the waitJ
I think the best part was the next day, Liz, the midwife came into my room to see how I was doing. She sat on my bed and uttered the following words
“Thank for letting me be apart of your birth. So many women today opt for epidurals and there’s nothing wrong with that at all…but I seldom get to see a natural birth. Watching you was like watching mother nature at it’s best. When you were in labor I sat back looked around the room and thought to myself…there is no where in the world I would rather be right now”.
Just writing that gets me all teary eyed again. “Watching mother nature at it’s best”. I love those words. That is exactly what I felt like I experienced…the raw experience that God made my body for. It was definitely a spiritual experience for me and though I know not everyone even wants to experience that I was so thankful that I did.

When I look back now on how everything turned out, I know that Heavenly Father heard and answered all my prayers. Everything was so divinely placed for me. The hospital, the midwife, the nurse…it was perfect. It was the labor I dreamed of. And though I still had 3rd degree tears (not as bad as the 4th degree I had with Megan) and could barely walk, it was the most amazing experience of my life. I felt stronger and more empowered as a woman. I learned more about myself and how strong I really am. I accomplished a goal I had set and it felt so wonderful. I will never ever forget the little details of that day. It was amazing.
I love you Erika, thank you for coming to our family. You are everything we ever dreamed of.

20min mandatory monitor test upon arrival

Can you believe there was 10 pound baby in there? !!

Trying to stay totally relaxed during contractions. I was somewhere between 8-10cm here.

My little mooshy! this is my FAVORITE picture! her cord was still attached..
she had JUST come out!!!

Here's the proof: 10lbs 4.3oz:)

My little Angel fast asleep:)

I LOVE this face!!! she still makes that face when she cries!lol

daddy has a "moment" before heading home with the new bundle

Megan meets Erika:) love at first sight:)

So cute!!

Whe do I love all the crying pictures??? There's something just so cute about it! haha
I love you Mooshy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bye Erin:(

I'm so behind....I apologise....

So, our sweet Erin moved to Iowa yesterday:( we will miss her so much! she became one of my devoted running partners...but I'll miss her for more reasons than that! Erin and I really started to become friends when I was pregnant with Erika and she was pregnant with Carter....she was so sweet to always help me out watching Megan so I could do my hypnobirthing classes....she was even here the morning I went into labour.....that was a very special time in my pregnancy and I will always be greatful she could share a few moments of it with me.

So, last week to say good bye..we went to Bocelli's for dinner and then to see "nights in Rodanthe" was SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Erin!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for being such a great friend to me this last 2yrs!!!!!!!!!!!


Ou running group....I will miss this!!:(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beach Body here I come!

So, I've finally done it. I've started my own blog to track my "get into shape" progress.
It's called
oh, don't bother clicking on it, because you can't get in! HA, HA, HA~ did you REALLY think it would be that easy??? come on.
the deal is it is VERY HAS to be, I have before pictures up there.....So the deal is, it is open to any who want to join me. And you have to be SERIOUS. If you're trying to get into shape and want a place to recieve support, be accountable and record your journey, and some days just whine b/c you're so sore then please let me know.

So far, it is just Me, Katie T., and soon to be Becki B.
If you decide to join us, you will be an author to the blog and will be expected to post daily or every other day to update us on what you've done.
I promise you will be supported and have a friend to do this along with you.
I have less than 3 mo's til my 30th birthday and want to get into the best shape of my life!!!
come join me on my Quest!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Moosh

The Moosh is so funny! she is doing all kinds of fun new things.....

things like:

- using her signs for "more" and "please" even when we have no idea what she wants 'more' of....
-yelling at us from her bedroom at bedtime..usually lasts about 10-15min...and this isn't is litterally yelling at us. we can't help but laugh and if you walk in, she flops down on the crib mattress and just wants you to rub her back.
-having crib parties at 2am the last 3 out of 4 nights. have no idea what that is about! why does she have to be so cute???
-If you ask her what A Piggy says?..she snorts! it's SO cute!
-dances..yes, she LOVES to dance!

-has learned how to pick up toys and put them back in the box when it's clean up cute!

-Brushes her hair ANY time she sees a brush or comb of any kind

I can't believe she is going to be a YEAR old in 2weeks! I SWEAR I just gave birth to her yesterday...this has been the quickest year of my life!

here's some recent pics of the mooshy:)

The Moosh laughing when I tickle her with her bear

The Moosh in the stroller at the park

I love this picture...if you click on it you can see it up close....I think her eyes are going to be green...they get greener all the time. I love them!

This is where Mooshy has her bottle in the morning...this day she finished, hucked it overboard and then flipped herself around and sat up. As you can see she was very proud of herself:)

Had to throw this in or i'd forget to post it for Katie. These are the leg warmers she got Meg for her birthday ! hilariously cute!

The Moosh tasting whipcream for the first time:)
Watching Baby Einstein

Pushing Charlie around...she was mad b/c she wanted to grab him but the more she tried to get close to him the further he moved away lol
getting ready to go out "this is so people won't call me a BOY!"
REALLY watching baby Einstein
Taking a rest...this is how you'll find her most of the time...she loves to cuddle ANYTHING! its very sweet.

She has also figured out how to crawl up on Megans bed and so we find her there all the time...
Then she pulls all the stuffed animals out of the toy box at the end of the bed lol

I love you Mooshy Tooshy...More than you'll ever know, you are my sweet little monkey. I look forward to seeing your sweet smile every morning. You bring mommy alot of joy!!