Sunday, March 21, 2010

we have BUNK BEDS!!!

Last week, we finally bought bunk beds for the girls! the whole process was SO exciting for me. I had bunk beds growing up and shared a room with my sister Tracey until I was 14. I loved it! I miss it. There's nothing like sisterhood:)
Steve, being so handy, had no problem putthing them together...but he let Megan and Erika help him. I love that he lets them help and actually teaches them to do REAL stuff...they dont' just pretend to help, the really do! so here they are:

(look at those curls!)

This one was taken in the dark when they were actually asleep that night. SO cute!!!

Sugar and spice...


"Spice" lol...she got into my lipgloss. enough said.'s been a while....

Well, I am a TAD bit behind on my blogging. sigh..I just dont' make the time or have the time..whatever. regardless, I'm behind:)So...where should I start? well...after my trip to Connecticut I went to Canada:) I was able to visit with my mother in law, and my two sisters:)
Steve's mom gave us a car which has been the biggest blessing ever!! I am able to get out more and feel so FREE!!! thank you Sharon. I am forever indebted to you! I go.
Steve took us to the airport...the girls FIRST trip on an airplane. We were all very excited.I was a BIT nervous about how it would all go. Me with 2 kids, lots of luggage and no husband. The girls were great! they stayed in tow through the airport and listened well...thank you God!

Here we are at the airport!

waiting at our gate:)

Erika clapping! she was very excited!

This is megans "excited face" lol...just wait the next one is better!


Then we headed to my sister, Tina's house for a day. It was so nice to see her, Jaime and My niece and nephew jessica and joel. Love them!!

My sister Tina and Jessica above.
Tina and I below. She is my oldest sister:) We're 4.5yrs apart. I have made it a goal to get up and see her more often. Love you tina!

meet "Stash". Erika talks about him Often. VERY often. she loves cats and she LOVES Stash:)
Then it was off to my other Sisters house Tracey! she was 38wks pregnant and it was also Madison's 6th birthday party! so fun!!

Erika, Megan and Maddy. Funny that Erika and Maddy actually look quite a bit alike:)

Megan and Maddy. BEST friends! and cousins:) they are only 7mo's apart.

I woke up Erika from her nap to get outside for the birthday party! she just looked so cute with her messy hair and rosy cheeks:)

The Party. Discussing the details of the scavenger hunt:)
Then there's Erika and Noah...they are only 3mos apart. Noah is older. He is HILARIOUS! I hadn't seen him since he was 1 and seriously..this kid should be an actor. he has SO much energy, gusto and enthusiasm about EVERYTHING! when he's eating something he likes he says in a very LOUD excited voice " I LIKE IT!" have to hear it to know how funny it is!

we found them one night on the bed just playing...they are so cute! At first Erika called him Nona. but it only took a few minutes to get "NO-AH" down pat!

Erika and Noah tucking themselves in!

Being goofy!

well....I'm not sure why I can't find any pics of Trace and I but anyway....that's all for now. will post some more shortly:)