Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thirty is the new Twenty....

Or so they say...lets hope it's true b/c I'm not sure how I feel about being 30!
yesterday was my birthday. The last few months as this day has been approaching I've been thinking alot about it and how I feel?. There is so much dramatization about people's reactions to turning 30 and I got to think about how I would /do feel turning 30. Funny enough, it actually got me thinking more about turning 40 and 50. I mean 30 is really not that bad, I know i'm still "young" especially by my parents standards....or anyone older than me infact....but getting older is really making me think about my mortaility. I can't stop time...THAT was a bigger slap in the face than actually turning 30 was. I have reflected alot about much I have left....what I want to accomplish with my life etc. It's been an interesting internal dialogue going on the last few months:)
Anyway..i'm getting sidetracked...i'm such a terrible writer. I wish I could be a fabulous blogger like some of you.
So, Yesterday morning I woke at 4:30am (yuck!) b/c I had to be in Lake Oswego to get a bride ready by 6:00am. As I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror over the bathroom sink, the wrinkles in my forehead seemed strangley apparent to me. My hips felt bigger and my thighs chubbier....though the last 2 probably weren't a figment of my very tired was probably due to the fact that I have been living off of chocolate, candy canes, apple pie and icecream for over a week now. sigh....that's another story but i'm trying to get back on the bandwagon here before the New Year.
I headed off to my wedding and by 8:30am was on my way to wedding number 2:) I'm grateful for the money but boy was I tired.
On my way home around 3pm I called Steve to let him I know I would be home soon. He wished my Happy Birthday and funny thing was I had already forgotten it was ! lol.
When I pulled into our parking spot Steve came running down the stairs and gave me a Huge hug, swung me around and wished me Happy Birthday again:) Call me a total sucker but that was the Best part of the day for me:) I love sweet little romantic gestures like that and they are sometimes rare around here;o)
I told Steve I wanted to go for dinner at Bridgeport and buy a new top:) ( I knew it was my only chance and probably the only day of the year I could get him to shop with me without complaining:).
Unfortunately Megan already had her heart set on eating CAKE instead they went and got Oreo McFlurries and we ate those in the afternoon.
Around 7pm we went to bridgeport and I dragged Steve from store to store til I found a really cute Slate colored blouse from BCBG:) It was $118 marked down to $41!!!! YAY for good deals:)
we ate at California Pizza kitchen and headed home. It was a great night, I just wish I wasn't SO stinkin' tired!!
Today after Church Steve had a birthday present for me ( he couldn't get it yesterday b/c it was shipped to our friends and they weren't home). Yesterday he had told me He had bought me some airbrush foundations but informed me that they had had trouble ordering me a compressor so I would have to save up some money and buy it in a few months. ....I was obviously dissapointed b/c I can't do much with these foundations without a compressor......
So, today he gave me the foundations. After a few minutes he told me to sit with him and show them to him. I said " they are". ( I mean I can't even use

THEN...he whipped out a big box and I shouted "Shut up!!!!!".....I was SO surprised and SUPER psyched!!!!! Steve's MOM actually bought the compressor for me afterall. It's an Iwata Smart Jet (they are very spendy) so we certainly could not afford it! I am so thankful for her helping me with my career:) she paid for me to go to school too!! Thank you Sharon!!!!!
anyway....I spent tonight airbrushing my own face (that's an adventure! lol) b/c Steve would rather die than let me put makeup on HIS face!!! I need YOU (all my local friends) to let me practice on you!!! there you have it. That was my 30th Birthday:) it was a good day.
I plan to go out with some friends on January 3rd so I'm excited to celebrate again! hahah......

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My baby....

I found this picture tonight from earlier this year and just had to post it. I love this girl so much. It just was a perfect picture of what I see in my mind when I think of Meg.
just had to share.

Dr. Stephen Craig Wagner

I could not have been more proud of Steve when he walked on Saturday afternoon. All his hard work...the years of us struggling as students to get him through has all finally paid off. I can't tell you the peace it brings to me knowing I have a smart, ambitious, determined husband. I know he'll be able to provide for our family and that takes SO much stress off of me:)
I love him SO much and am so proud that he stuck it out.....9yrs of school....and he never gave up:) I love you Stevie!!!!
Steve walking in as the ceremony begins....
Grandpa did a FABULOUS job of entertaining the moosh the whole time so I could take pictures! thank you Dad!!

Steve getting his diploma

Unlce Shawn holding Erika so I could get pics of Steve walking out....she was kicking some lady in the head here and we didnt' know til the lady turned around and snapped "she's kicking me in the head!! " lol...oops!

Here he comes!! does that look like JOY or what?!!

Our first family photo with Dr. Wagner:)

The moosh wondered around all afternoon...if I took my eyes off her for even 10 seconds, she was Gone! lol

Me and My doctor;o)

The Moosh LOVES to give her daddy Kisses!!


Grandpa and Erika sharing a moment.....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Arctic Blast 2008

This was yesterday. We've gotten alot more over night. Steve and His brother Shawn built a huge snow fort at the park accross the's pretty amazing!
we are stuck inside though and it kinda sucks. I"m glad my dad is here but Steve's poor mom is stuck at her hotel!!! My dad and I are about to venture out on foot and see if we can find anything OPEN. We were supposed to be out all together shopping, eating, seeing zoo lights and so much more..but instead we're stuck inside listening to the same christmas cds over and over....

This is our street.

Isn't this awesome???
Inside the snow fort!

Cutting snow blocks

This is the bench in the park. You could still barely see it...but as of this's totally gone and burried.

Steve carrying the ice blocks

Steve and Shawn.....proud of their work! and so they should be!!

One more shot of our street! it's way worse this morning.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

For those of you who were mocking our "Winter".....

check this out!
mostly this is for the Poytresses who left JUST in time and missed our artic nightmare!!!!!!!!!
Last night we braved it to go out for dinner for Steve's graduation....we went to the Ringside and it was WORTH it!!! it was amazing!!!
However....the weather was TERRIBLE and quite scary...
this morning we woke up to completely ice covered couldn't see out of them at all!!! I've NEVER EVER EVER seen weather like this in my LIFE!!!
here are some pictures of Steve trying to make a whole in our window so we could see the outside world:

This is looking out our window...covered in can't see A THING!

Steve blow drying the ice away so he can get the door open

Steve outside TRYING to scrape the ice but it was too thick~!!!

So....he used the blow dryer...AND the scraper!

LOL....there he is!

YAY! the outside world!! we can SEE! haha

I will have LOTS more pictures to come!! stay tuned....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apple pie.....yummmmmmm

My friend Lacey makes Awesome Apple pies and I promised Steve to learn how to make one from scratch before she left for christmas so I could make him some at Christmas time:) So on Wednesday, we got together at 9am to make my first apple pie!!
Please excuse me looking like pooh...I hadn't even showered yet....

Megan LOVES to help in the kitchen, so she was right beside us:)
Showing me how to properly mix the pastry

how to "patch" pieces

My finished product...and can I just was DELICIOUS!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I see it!!

People always say that Megan and Erika look alike but I don't see it alot..until this picture the other day. it reminded me of Megan at 16mos old...
do you see the similarity??? I love these pictures ....I love my girls!

Megan at 16mo's old

Erika at 13.5mos old

Best Shot

Megan begged me to use my camera the other I said Yes...I know i'm a sucker! These are some of her best shots (some of them I could not stop laughing). If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she'll say a Photographer and a Doctor. Gee....I wonder who she looks up to??

The classic "feet" picture that all 4yr olds do...not sure why

Her new plastic cutlery

T The Vacuum

Woah...a close up

This ones cute

The Stool...atleast it's centered

Good job Meg...this one isn't that bad..

The Moosh looks stunned.....

LMAO! Megan is trying to take a picture of Herself WITH her gingerbread house!
> After about 8 attempts at it (not kidding), I decided to help her out.

I think this is my favorite!!! look at that cute face!

A day in the life of the moosh...

Erika is a pretty funny kid. She LOVES her bottle...and she LOVES to sit on things.....if there is a chair around, she'll find a way to get into it...if there's a box....she'll sit on top of that...she just loves to crawl ontop of things and sit on them. It cracks me up.So here are a few pictures to show you what I see everyday:)

Notice the bottle is EMPTY. That doesn't stop her. she REALLY loves her bottle.

She also loves to play silly games...this was her game the other day...walking around with the green bin on her head.....she thought it was pretty ingenius:)