Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day gone wrong....have you ever blown up your kitchen? the day started off pretty good. We went to see Trent for our chiro appts and althougha few minutes late I was pretty proud for getting us up, fed and ready to be there by
7:45am:) came home...Erika took a nice hour and a half nap:) Went to Katies so Meg and Lily could play together.......
then things started to go down hill....
I got Erika into bed for her second nap....fed meg and as i'm getting ready to get me and Megan into bed...Erika wakes up., into her room to pat/shush her back to sleep....come back out and tell megan it's napt time b/c MOMMY needs a nap too!! Well...she pitches a fit and starts backing up to get away from being the nice mommy I am, I at first try to coax her into my room and laugh it off to the fact that she's overtired. We get into my room and I tell her to go pee, to which she responds "no.". I'm battling a 3yr old, Erika wakes up AGAIN!..
I tell Megan to stay in my room and "don't you dare leave til I get back". while i'm helplessly tied to Erika's bedside again patting/shushing....I see Megan tip toe out of my room and run to the couch. Awesome. Why is she so good at listening to day?
So....I get Erika to sleep only to have her wake 60sec this point i get her up.
We play and I tell megan that when Erika goes back to bed in an hour WE are all hving a nap! she willfully agrees. how nice. hour later I get Erika to sleep, crawl into my nice cozy bed....and only had to get up once to help her get to sleep. an hour and 15min into my nap she I get up....luckily I got her back to sleep and she slept 2.5hrs total:) yay...things are looking up. it's time to make dinner...we need something healthy but i'm too chicken, potatoes and Corn sound good. That is my easy dinner when i'm feeling lazy.. ..
So, while dinner is cooking, I put Erika in the bumbo seat I borrowed from Katie and Erika is happy as a clam..I took these pictures!! SO cute!!!

can you say HAPPY? (that's what sleep will do for you kid.)

Okay...back to the party...So, I get dinner all done but we have to go get I leave the chicken and potatos on the counter and pack the girls in the car. I'm feeling great that dinner will all be made when Steve gets home from a loooong day. what a great little wife I am right? wrong.

We get home and I turn the element on HIGH for the corn to boil quickly. Well, I turned on teh wrong one and the next thing I hear is bubbling from the chicken in the GLASS pyrex dish on the flaming red element!! Ooops!!

I run into the kitchen to move it over to a cool element as quickly as I can! FEW! SAVED. THE. DAY. (i'm still awesome).

then suddenly we hear this loud pop. Steve looks at me concerned and says "is that the sound of the glass pyrex dish breaking?"...."uhhhh...I dont' think so...I walk back into the kitchen and lean in for a second look and I kid you not, the entire thing explodes in my FACE! glass for 10ft!!!

This is what we were left with! 3 pieces of chicken sitting on an element.

I'm not so awesome anymore.

Needless to say, we ate burger king for dinner.

On the plus side, it's a good think the CHICKEN didn't go flying for Ten feet. It could always have been worse:)

aaaand...a close up:)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funny Little words in a funny little world:)

Megan said the funniest thing last night, I'll get to that in a second...but it just made me realize how sweet she is and how much she makes me laugh. sometimes I forget that she is still SO new to this world and she is still learning everyday and trying to remember all the things she is would be very interesting to spend a day in her head lol.
I have to start writing these things down b/c I know she has said so many other funny things like this, but after last night these were the only two that really stood out to me.
1. so...a few months ago we're at the WSCC bar B Q and there are these really yummy little circular brownies that everyone Loves...ESPECIALLY Megan ! after eating her hamburger and vegetables...she was allowed to have one of these scrumptious little treats....
about 10 min goes by...I had no idea she had already eaten THREE! I would find that out later...
she came running up to me with Chocolate all over her face and said "Mommy, it okay if I have another Hashbrown??" lol. I knew exactly what she was referring to and didn't have the heart to correct her. "yes, Megan, you can have another Hashbrown:)".

2. So last night...i'm lying in bed...I went to be EARLY...and she was sleeping on the floor in my room...after countless times of her jumping up on my bed for a cuddle, a story or a kiss lol...I told her it was time to SLEEP!!....a few minutes later as i'm drifting off...I hear her rustling I say "Megan! what are you doing???"....this was the response:
"Mommy, I'm trying to take the suitcase off my pillow!" lol.
again, I knew what she really meant....I helped her get it off and fell alseep with a smile on my face more appreciative of her special little world that can be so overwhelming with new words.
I love My Megan!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm obsessed!

All my life I dreamed having little girls I could dress in matching outfits...and now i'm totally addicted! it is just tooo flippin' cute!!
Erika is having a rough couple's 12noon and so far we've had 2 30min naps and she is SO tired..but when I walk in to try and help her get BACK to sleep she is just staring at me with this adorable grin (see below)...I can't help but pick her up and just squeeze her!! ..
So, since she's awake and very overtired...I decided to put them in their matching outfits and take pictures:)
is it ANY wonder why these girls are the joy of my life??? just look at them!! I seriously must kiss and hug these girls like a hundred times everyday!
not only am I obsessed with matching clothing...I'm obsessed with how cute they are and how much I LOVE THEM!!! I can't believe how blessed I am to have them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bath time

This post really has no other purpose than I love my girls and think they are so cute!
I always dreamed of having two little girls and I just love the fact that they are growing and becoming friends! I never knew how much joy it would bring to see them falling inlove with eachother:)

Megan loves to hug and kiss Erika.....
Megan got her to smile for me here! absolutely precious!!
I'm head over heels in love!!

What is a Taco???

According to Lily....THIS is a Taco! lol...she loves this candy
she calls it a taco and carries it everywhere! she came over
and was very concerned that someone might eat it! lol
Then she proceeded to put in the grocery buggy and push
it around! she is SO funny! we love you Lily!!

Probably one of the only times I got Lily to look at the camera and smile at me at the same time:) yipee!

Even MORE rare....a picture of BOTH of them looking AND smiling! lol

Katie knows how rare this is!

Aww....just love these girls!!

1st Day of Preschool

I cannot believe my baby girl is already going to school!! she is sooo sweet. we've only had one day but we're back tomorrow. I found a fantastic school through the highschool that is 4 mornings a week from 8-10:30am:)
Here we are getting ready to go:)
thanks Grandpa for the backpack!
the girlies getting ready to leave.
Megs first Shiner!! she fell on the cement on the way back from the park
with her friend Kira:(...but she's tough!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Daddio

So, my wonderful Dad came into town this weekend to visit and to watch the girls so that Steve and I could go out on a Hot date for our anniversary.
I LOVE MY DAD! He is one of my best friends. He is one of the most kind, generous men I know. He brought cute little Valentine cards for the girls that just melted my heart. I will keep them forever. My dad is so Kind and has alot of qualities I admire. The fact that he was willing to drive 8hrs each way for 2 days so we could go out and to see his grandaughters says alot. Oh...and he's funnier than heck and Steve and I are always laughing when he's around and having fun! Steve and I love him more than he knows.
I only wish he lived closer so we could see him more often! I miss him so much!
It makes me soooo happy when he comes down. are some pictures from our weekend with him.
Thanks for coming Dad! I LOVE YOU!!!

Dad with the girls. They just love him!

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks? !

Me, getting ready for our Hot date:)

Stevie and I before leaving for dinner.
We went to the Portland chop and steak house...
and it was DELICIOUS!

Our Sassy pose:)

Fun in the Sun! AND the wind!!

So today we went hiking up Beacon rock, which is the largest free standing rock in the U.S....we went with Amy, Geoff and Porter Jensen and Ken, Alicia and Brianna Gough. It was SO much fun!! Erika and Megan were little troopers and so was mommy and daddy carrying them!!

Amy, Geoff and Porter Jensen

I Love this picture. Ken with his baby girl Brianna. So cute!
Overlooking the Gorge
Megan was sticking her tongue out little monkey!
that's all of us....minus Steve taking the picture

What the!!?...yes, it was THAT windy!

Megan, riding on Daddy's back
I love this picture! My girls are my world!
My and my sweetheart Erika. She was such a little trooper..the wind was pretty cold on her face.We made it to the top!

My cutie Pie Megan

the first 5min she was facing toward me and then decided she was missing too much
so I turned her around and she was much happier:)
The Fam
Ken, Alicia and Brianna Gough
View from the top

The Goughs....such a pretty view!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well, it's no secret that Steve has lost alot of his romantic touch since we got married....FIVE YEARS AGO:) yipee....Happy Anniversary to us...
Anyway...this year...he really stepped it up!!!
Last night he brought me home a dozen roses and told me he was making me dinner tonight.
Steak....and chocolate fondu. Yipee!!
SO SWEET!! I was so happy and felt SO loved......

then this morning...He went the extra mile and surprised me with a beautiful new fossil watch!!! I have wanted a new silver watch for a while!
What a wonderful husband I have. I love him to bits and bits and bits.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart. xoxox

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This wins the Not Cute Award

So....After reading Katie's blog ( about Trents's Not Cute Award....
I had to post.
Katie....Ask Trent to beat this! LOL
Steve you definately get the NOT Cute Award for this....handlebars? NOPE. Never again.

Hear me loud and clear :

Dress up and stuff

SOOOO....Old Navy is having a 40% off sale on all kids stuff...... so you know what that means? ....spending a bunch of money we don't have:).....anyway...I did manage to get my exebitionist child dressed for a moment in her new TShirt..but that didn't last long... as you can see the pants were already off by the time I got out my camera;)

Megans little friend Kira came over today...they were so cute......they threw a bunch of necklaces and fancy shoes on for dress up.... cute girls!
The shoes...I swear My mom had a sexy pair of slippers just like these pink ones when were little

Then Later the clothes came off and the dresses went on. Little girls are so much fun!
But WHY does my daughter always insist on smiling like THAT for the camera???

Valentines Tea Party

My great friend Katie Hendrickson....37wks pregnant(!) decided to host a Tea party for all the kids....she had like 10kids...crazy woman! always trying to do nice things for everyone else...just LOVE her!!
anyway...I didn't have my camera...but luckily Amy Marshall took this fantastic photo of Megan decorating her Cookies!!!
Thanks AMY!!