Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Kiss....

I Kinda hoped Erika's first kiss would be ME...but I guess not. While playing at Lacey's the other day, we found AJ leaning over to give Erika a kiss. Thinking she would shun him or push him in the face like she does to us, I wasn't concerned.....

but no...she puckered up and kissed him flat on the lips and even added a little "Muah" sound to it! ( I always make that sound when I kiss her)

I couldn't stop laughing....I think I was more shocked than anything...so in order to get a good pic of it, we had them kiss about 20 more times and they did...EVERY time we told them too, no problem. The funny part is that AJ and Erika are the same size (maybe that's why she likes him) but he is 6mo's older than her. She LOVES him and he ....well...he "likes" her unless she wants to play with his toys and often he runs from her like he's scared she'll attack him...which is entirely posssible so I don't blame him.

Anyway, If this is ANY forshadowing into the future, i'm in Trouble!

Even up on the couch, when he came to kiss her, she leaned right in for it!

goin' in for the Big one! lol

HERE! this was the one time out of 20 she tried to tell him "no no"...but then she changed her mind (haha..see below)

Is this not ridiculously CUTE?!!

P.S Lacey...tell Aaron that if he makes LOTS of money..maybe we can arrange something between these two in 20 years:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Dark, Rainy night, a Flat Tire and Lots of Love......

So.......I learned how to change a flat tire tonight,on a back road, in the rain, in the dark. Fun:)
Let me explain.....
The last few days Steve has been bugging me about buying the battery pack grip for his 5D camera. He found one on Craigslist for a great deal and has asked me every day for the past 3 days. I kept saying "no, we don't have the money" which we don't..Buuuuuttt....I have a soft spot for the guy...what can I say? So I hi-jacked his email to get the email to the craigslist guy and called him up. Then tonight I told him I was headed out to MAC to buy some makeup but really I went downtown to meet this guy at starbucks to buy the grip for him:)
I was so proud of my secret mission and was driving home thinking of how I was going to save it for a time when he was mad at me as a "get out of jail free card" so to speak:):) ( I was partially kidding......)

I came off the 181st exit and turned into the lot between the burger king and gas station...it leads to the back road (short cut) to get home. I saw the pot hole( I mean like a foot deep) this thing REALLY needs to get fixed...I always drive around it but I was distracted and accidentally drove INTO it! bang, thump..OH CRAP.... thump, thump, thump.....I turned onto the back road and realized I must have a flat tire. I pulled over and got out and sure enough...completely FlAT!

I called Steve and told him I was too scared to walk all that way home in the dark on the back roads. So , I called Lacey (oops and woke her up! she's lovin' me right now)....so she came over and leant Steve her car to come help me.
When he arrived..I was awaiting the worst....he's gonna be SO mad at me I thought...not only do we NOT have money for a new RIM AND TIRE (yes, I busted the rim too!!) but he's super stressed with exams and assignments......and surely doesn't need to be coming out at 10pm b/c of his wifes neglegence.
I kept thinking ' It's a damn good thing I have this battery grip to give him !! lol'

Anyway...he arrived and he was not loud or angry...he just simply told me
"well...I think you should have to change this tire" (I kinda figured he'd make me do it)..
so, without complaining, I changed my first tire ever. In the rain, in the cold.
I felt pretty proud of myself actually:).....
Atleast now I know if i'm ever stuck far from home alone with a flat tire, I'll be able to fix it myself:)

When I got finished..I had a thought and a feeling.

I said "Steve, if I was 16 right now and you were my dad, I would really love you".

It made me fast forward 12yrs to when megan is 16 and sure enough she'll do silly things...I was so proud of how Steve handled it. Not only did he teach me how to fix a flat tire, but he was not critical or angry at me about it...and surely he could have been.

He is such a great father and wonderful husband. I love you Steve. thanks for not getting mad at me for a really dumb mistake. I knew the pot hole was there, I should have been more careful.

Tonight, my love for you increased 10 fold.

p.s I gave him the battery pack when we got home...he loved it:)

p.p.s LACEY....thank you for coming over when you wanted to be sleeping in bed. you're such a GREAT friend and all you do for me does not go unnoticed:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hallowe'en 2008

Steve and Megan carving the pumpkin:)

Our little Monkey
Me and the Monkey. Doesn't she just look thrilled to be in there? lol
I don't think she had a clue what was going on or why we put her in this hot heavy suit:)
oh well, she'll thank me she has pictures of it when she's older:)

we went with the Canons, Owens and Poytresses..here's all the kids in their cute costumes:)
Our little "stinker" :)