Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did I tell you all yet???

Steve has launched his new website!!!!


It is awesome and I just want to tell him how proud I am of him ! he has worked SO hard and has become an amazing photographer!!

you can see Hendricksons family photos under galleries: family 1 and Hills should be up soon too!

I love you Stevie....way to go on persuing your dream!!!!

Now, we can be the Dream Team!!!! LOL

muah! xo

Monday, September 29, 2008

Makeup Fiesta

That is what was happening at the Wagners from 10-2 today......

Katie's older Sister Kellie wanted a makeup lesson for her birthday tomorrow...So Katie, Kemy, Kellie and Lily all drove down from Seattle....it was fun!

Kellie is so sweet and was super excited about her new makeup routine for work. She is a lawyer and super fun, cute and smart! hello?? good combo or what? She is adorable. ....too bad i'm married...and not gay....

Anyway, Kemy... kept us laughing as always...that girl is a hoot! (did I just say that? I sound like my mom in the 80's)

and ofcourse always a delight to see the Kate-ster and little miss Lily pants.....Megan and her pretty much played unsupervised for 4hrs ! ...I later found megans mini shopping cart on top of my bed...not really sure what they were doing.....shopping for bed linens? crazy girls.

Anyway....being the super vane beauties we are...we of course had to take a million pictures after.....so here we are in all our glory:)

I love being a girl... ..and I love having such fun friends.

Thanks for coming ladies...it was a blast!


Beautiful Kemy....

The Dudettes...
and again....
and AGAIN....(hey, don't mock us..someday we're gonna have lots of photos to show our kids we were actually HOT once upon a time! ha!)

Katie's sexy pose
yes. we worked it.
Rock on party people!

Katie looks hot here...I just look dumb.

Love you Kate-ster!

My craftmanship:)

Isn't she seriously adorable???

I'm PRETTY sure they were all laughing at me about something in this picture

Kellie is already so naturally beautiful, but it was fun to show her a few tricks to make her beauty pop out even more! happy Birthday!!

I'd say we have the pose pretty down pat.....

Well....that was it. It was fun.

til next time.......

adios Amigos

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Megan is FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, On Monday Sept.22nd Megan turned 4yrs old. Wow. I can't believe it. It seems it was just yesterday she was born....I'll never ever forget that day as long as I live.
I was 8days overdue, finally started labour only to have it completely stop. Since I was so late they decided to induce me anyway:) You'd think it would get things rolling but it still ended up being another 16hrs!!
When she was born and they said "it's a girl" ...I cannot tell you the warmth and joy I felt in my heart......she was so perfect and beautiful! lol...had quite the scowl on her face!!!
and a HUGE head!!! I won't tell you what THAT did to me, but it was NOT pretty and it meant I couldn't walk for 4 days and couldn't sit down for over a week. not pretty at ALL!. I blame my big headed children on steve.
The last 4yrs have been filled with so much Love. I have come to adore and respect megan so much. She is alittle person but so mature and wise for her age.
I love her with all my heart and thank Heavenly Father for sending her to me. It is an honor to be her mother.
Unfortunately I do not have new born pics b/c we had a film camera then ,but here's some starting at 7mos:)

Megan at 7mos



13mos:) first hallowe'en! seriously, have you EVER seen a cuter bunny?

Oldie but goodie, lol...Katie and megan at 16mos
megan 21mos

Megan and Lily 26mos.. (Lily 13mos)

Megan 2yrs 9mos
2yrs 9mos
(can you tell she went through a phase where she smiled with her eyes closed? lol)

Megans 3yr birthday:)

3yrs 1mo

3 1/2yrs


I love you my little ballerina princess!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you keeping up???????

yes, I know i've put up FIVE posts today...but crazy things just keep happening! I can't help it!!

anyhoo....Guess what???
Erika just went PEEEEEEEEEEEE on the Potty!!! that's a poop and pee in one day!!

ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(

This was one of the most traumatizing moments i've had as a parent.
I went for a walk this morning with my friend Susan and her brand new twin babies,
we stopped at the park across the street and played for a bit and then I put Erika back in the stroller and Susan and I were standing there talking.......

Suddenly Megan starts screaming "Mommy, mommy, Erika has a bee in her mouth!!!!!!!"..
My first thought was "Please let her be mistaken....it's a cracker or something! anything but a BEE!"...
I open her mouth, b/c she really does put EVERYTHING in her mouth and there is a huge wasp!!!!!!!!!!!
Erika has the most horrified look on her face and I start screaming! I try to pull it out but he's biting her lip! and he won't let go!!! I start screaming trying to get him out...it took 3 good pulls and I threw him on the ground!
Fearing that she could have an allergic reaction or that her mouth and throat may swell, I whip her out of the stroller and go running full speed home, leaving Susan and Megan behind...
My heart is racing and i'm feeling SO scared..as I run up the stairs to unlock the door, I see Erika is trying to put her fist in her mouth and I see the STINGER! a HUGE one at that, stuck in her finger ...a big red hole where he stung her! so I pulled it out and ran inside. I frantically grabbed the baking soda and mixed a paste and started putting it on her finger. I called my mom, first instinct, and she told me to call the Dr.
Her poor little hand was now totally swollen and the swelling was moving up her arm!!!
the Dr said since she was breathing fine she should be okay. I gave her tylenol and benedryl as per their recommendation...and now she's down for her nap. I felt SO bad though....and her poor little mouth has about 4 bites around it on top of the bee stinging her in her finger.

My poor poor baby. I wasn't kidding when I said she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!
Megan saw the whole thing...the wasp landed on her finger..and Erika took a good look at him and put him straight into her mouth.

"Ballerina Megan"

We have been informed that we are to refer to her now as "Ballerina Megan" (rolling eyes) lol....

Megan Started at the Stites performing Arts center on 181st / Glisan this week. She is taking a "Creative Dance" class which involves Ballet and Tap.....so after her first class, we asked for a little Tap Demonstration.....I'm sure the guy down stairs LOVED it! lol

we love you Megan!!!

P.S Sorry the video is SIDEWAYS!!!!!!!:( does anyone know how to fix that????

Am I a bad mom???:(

I got home late the other day and then a bride called and Erika was whining at my feet, I was trying to talk to a bride, make dinner, clean the kitchen etc....

well, erika was REALLY hungry and found her way into the cubboard...
I felt SO bad...but she started eating this onion and kept going til I noticed her eyes were WATERING!!!!
poor baby!!!:(


(other than Steve)
YES! ERIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I only started her on the potty yesterday but she pooped this morning after her bottle!
YAY! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she take to it as easily as megan did when we started this early, but Erika is alot more fiesty than Megan ever was, so we shall see:) so far, so good.

The Teegardens came by last weekend on their way through...
Lucy and Erika played as usual....we actually discovered that Erika actually knew how to push and walk with this thing! and I was about to lend it to Lucy...oops!

We went for Breakfast to the Gateway Restaurant, if you haven't been there, GO! it's delicious..
and as you can see the Pancakes are HUGE (see megan's plate).

We took one pic on the parking lot...we were not overly eager to take apictures since we all looked like white trash! LOL

...and that's all folks.....

not much else to post right now:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

REFERRING to the man AGAIN- 10K and Family Pics

I'm just too lazy to re-post here. Sorry. But steve put up a pretty funny video of my 10K run I did this weekend.... so go check it out!!! It was great fun and I want to do more!!!! but not on Sundays from now on....Katie and Trent gave me a hard time...they said they were kidding, but really I was just waiting for SOMEONE to say SOMETHING!...geesh you guys!;) lol....I repented and will only run on Saturdays now. promise.

AND for all of those interested in booking my studly husbands skillz for your family photos this fall....he just posted a slide show of the Becerra's family photos ( that was the photographer who took OUR photos).....
If you are serious about booking him, email him soon so he can fit you all in during the break:) or sooner....


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family Pics are up!

(this is ONE of my favs!)

So Chris Becerra, a popular Portland Wedding photographer, shot our family photos 2wks ago:) Actually we traded:) Steve did his family pics and he did ours. We went down to the Pearl District, which is great for photos b/c of all the different backgrounds:) All these photos were taken in a 2block radius! it's pretty awesome down there!

Anyway, he just sent me all 250 pictures:) and I LOVE THEM!!!! Here are just a few of my favorites! you can click on them to view them larger.
Thanks Chris!! you're AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh...and he also put up a cute slide show for us on his blog..you can see it here:

I'm inlove with my jeans in this photo! lol...most woman wouldn't admit that that's why they like it, but it's true and i'm not too proud to admit it.haha

( I love how Meg and Erika are smushing their faces together! they do this all the time!!)

Daddy's girls!

My little "Mooshy"!! Everytime I see her sweet face, I just want to squeeze her!!!

I'm so inlove with her, it's ridiculous!

Here is Mooshy again with her funny faces!!! I love it!

My Love. We have been through some hard times this last 5.5yrs but we are SO blessed and I really love him SO much....I know we were meant to be together:)

I just love how "in the moment" this one is! I can't remember now what we were laughing at,
but it looks like it was pretty funny! haha

My first little Angel:) Megan is such a source of strength to me!
I know God sent her to teach me great things.

I just LOVE this one. No reason. I just do!

And THIS is my favorite one of all!! LOL...I feel so powerful in this photo~! hahaha...This pose was My idea...Steve was making fun of me but I think it turned out GREAT if I do say so myself:)

...and that's all folks!
thanks for looking:)