Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grants Pass Trip 2008

So this weekend, the girls and I headed off to Grants pass to visit Katie,Lily and Lucy. Poor Lily, not understanding this whole "moving" thing has been asking for megan to come over and not "getting it" when Meg can't just walk over there anymore:(.
anyway, it was fun. Katie's new house is beautiful and SO much BIGGER than our sandstone apts....hang in there Chiro students....good things to come for us poor folk;o)
Megan and Lily played ALL day and we also drove down to California to see the Redwood forests! I have NEVER been to California so it was exciting for me.
I WOULD have stopped to get my picture taken by the "Welcome to California" sign if I were not so desperate to get my child to sleep! Erika is a Diehard! as Katie put it, she was in the car for over 6hrs and only slept 20min...oh and another 3min nap if that counts lol. she was SO tired but refused to close her eyes and everytime one of us looked back at her she would just laugh. sigh.. are some pics from the trip:) bear with me..there are A LOT!

Katie in her nice HUGE kitchen! I should have taken a better pic.... but trust me, its' HUGE!
Lil' Lucy:) so sweet!
Megan and Lily, reunited at last:) Guess Meg felt like she was at home
b/c it wasn't long before all the clothes came off! haha
Katie being a dork, trying to hide her face when I took this picture:)

We were playing hide and seek and megan and Lily hid in the Pantry! it was SO funny!

Surprise! Oh boy...HOW did we find you???? Guess they don't get the concept of

see thru windows yet ! haha

Erika is almost sitting up all on her own:)

Megan and Lily in the Redwoods

This tree was amazingly HUGE!!
We look so miniature!

Megan was SO happy to see her "boyfriend" Trent
It was Beautiful!
you can't really tell here...but this was the root of tree that fell over...
My very Overtired, but happy girl. I can't complain:)
Katie and Lucy

When we got to Cresent City, Katie saw some calilily's (her FAVORITE flower) hope you're reading this TRENT!, so she decided to steal it....EVEN though she told us she thinks it's illegal to pick flowers in California! lol...
got it! later I found her stroking her face with it while I was driving. a bit weird.
LOL..Just kidding Kate-ster! haha
Katie doing some kind of funky dance while waitng for Trent outside the stinky bathrooms!
just us being stupid
Katie laughing at how bad we looked in the picture on her camera...or maybe she's still laughing after I told her she looked like a wildabeast...can't remember...

The little monkeys that turned our perfect little world upside down 6mo's ago! can you not be inlove with them though?

Cresent City...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Divine Reunion

So, this is quite a neat story.
When I was growing up in a small town in BC, called Sardis, I had this best friend named Brandy. From Kindergarten to grade 6 we were very close. I spent many nights of the week sleeping at her house and with her family. We spent countless hours rollerskating in her basement to the soundtrack of Dirty dancing!! LOL...oh the memories..anyway, she was my very best friend! My mom remarried when I was 12, going into grade 7 and so we moved from the little town to the big city of Vancouver. The week before I left I spent it at Brandy's house. Those few days together are some of my most vivid and last memories of my life in Sardis.
Anyway, after I moved we lost touch...but as the years past by, I often wondered about her. As I got older, around age 18, I started having dreams about her. I would wake up and feel so strongly that I needed to contact her...I would search the phone books, internet and anything else I could think of to find her but always always came up empty handed. I didnt' know if she wanted to hear from me or what I would say when I found her but I knew I needed to try.
The years went by and by and occasionally something would come up or I would have another dream about her and I would again feel this push to find her. However, as in the past, I could not find her name listed ANYWHERE!
Then about 3mo's ago, I got an email on facebook from a girl named said "Is this Nicole Sherman?" Both of us were listed under our married names and would NEVER have been able to find eachother but My sister and her shared a mutual friend and she saw my name under my sisters friend list. *(My sister was listed under her maiden name "Sherman").
Though the last name was different, as soon as I looked at this mystery emailers picture I knew it was her!! I could NOT believe it!
The amazing part was that she had also wondered about me all these years and so many of the feelings expressed in those first few emails were mutual.
Here's where it gets even better.....turns out she lives in Roberts Creek, which is a TINY little town on the sunshine coast of BC....just so happens to be the SAME town my sister moved to 3yrs ago!!!
So, on our recent trip, I was able to see Brandy for the first time in 18yrs~!!!!
Amazingly, neither of us has changed and it was like no time had passed at all. I came to find out that she has gone through some incredibly hard trials and lost some very important family members in her life. She is such a strong person and I felt so grateful to God that he has watched over and lead her on a path to happiness. She has a wonderful husband now and and adorable 2yr old boy, named Kolby:) Both of us have been SO blessed!
We both really feel like we were meant to be reunited and will be best friends forever. I love her so much and it was soooooooo fun to be back together if even for just a few short hours. We talked about so many childhood memories and it was amazing how comfortable it was to just sit and chat.
I'm so thankful for this experience and can't wait to go back to my sisters so we can visit again! I love you Brandy!

Brandy with her son Kolby

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring break, trip to BC

So, we went home for Spring break to BC. We stayed with my sister Tracey and it was SO much fun!!! we actually had both parents and all us girls together for the first time in about 3yrs~ it was awesome. Here are some of my favorite pics!

Madison and Megan with Granpa at 7am !
Cousin Noah and Erika. they are only 3mo's apart:)
So cute!!
ERika has started this new phase where she sticks her tongue out all the time! weird!
Me trying to Kiss my sister. Does she look like she likes it?
She does. she's just playing hard to get:)

Me and Tracey

Me and My oldest Sister Tina

Me and My mom

Us 3 girls with My dad

The whole family. I think we're pretty darn cute:)

us 3 girls with My mom

My sisters!! Tina and Tracey

These are my FAVORITE! Erika and Grandpa dancing

in the Kitchen! and
Erika grabbing Grandma's face! so cute!!

Cute littl Maddy! Steve took this one so ofcourse it's
a great pic!

Best friends forever. Maddy and Meg.

that's it folks:)