Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teach the little Children

It has been on my mind alot lately.....My children. I keep feeling an urgency about teaching them the gospel in the home. It is great that they learn at church but they need to be doing most of their learing in the HOME.
I have been reading some great talks from our recent conference by the 12 Apostles and our beloved Prophet. It has just been weighing heavily upon my mind.
I even brought it up to Steve 2 nights ago b/c I feel a bit lost.

I feel like we're in a bit of a weird circumstance.
I didn't grow up in the church.
Steve didn't grow up in the church.
Niether of us has ANY family in the church or any point of reference when it comes to children being raised in the church. I have no mom, dad or inlaws I can call to ask my questions to about family home evening ideas etc. It is very discouraging some times.
I love the Gospel and I have a huge testimony of it, but I'm not very good at knowing how to teach it to my children on their level.

I thought about writing this post to ask my LDS/Christian friends to share some of their experiences from growing up that they think impacted them in learning the gospel and gaining strength in the home. Perhaps things your parents did RIGHT that has helped you in your life in regards to spirituality. SO.....Please share!

**I had to share an experience though that I just had at the church bookstore .

We went b/c Steve needed to get some things and the girls always love to sit in the comfy chairs and read the childrens books. Anyway...when we first walked into the bookstore today, Megan and Erika ran to the chairs. Erika walked over and picked up a book and held it tight under her arm. I knew it wasn't a kids book b/c it was soft paper back. I paid no attention and walked to the back of the store. they sat for a minute then got up and followed me. I noticed she still had the book tightly under her arm,
"can I see?" I asked
"no, mine" she said gently. she seemed to be very protective of this book, which I thought was funny.

we kept walking around and found some nice kids books for them to look at . When we sat down, I asked again if I could see what the book was, she reluctantly let me look at it......

the book was: "Arming your Children with the Gospel"-"creating opportunities for spiritual experiences"
I was about to place it back on the shelf when I felt a gentle prompting to buy the book and that it wasn't an accident she picked it up. There were no other books like it on the shelf where she grabbed it from, it was the only one I could find. must have been left there in the wrong place by "accident" :).
you can call it a coincidence. I choose to call it an answer to my prayer last night when I asked the Lord for help and where to go and how to know how to start better teaching the gospel regularily to my children.
I love our Heavenly Father and in moments like this I am reminded that he Loves ME!:)

I've already started reading it and so far it's just what I need!!


lynz said...

such a cool experience! another reminder to be in places and to have our hearts open so that we can feel the spirit's promptings. nice work on listening and acting and yay for the spirit being so strong with our little ones :)

Kevin Phair said...

I feel exactly the same way, especially with having two kids under 4. Kevin grew up in the church but he was the youngest of 8 and by the time he was old enough to remember anything most of his siblings were running in several directions everyday. FHE was rare and he remembers no significant learning experience. Maybe I should go pick up that book. Good for you for following the spirit! I've been having similar feelings but didn't really know what to do either. Let me know what you find out.

Chuck said...

This is kind of a drive-by comment, but one small, useful book I can wholeheartedly recommend is 10 Minute Life Lessons for Kids. We borrowed a copy from the library and it was so good we are ordering one. Great, short, fun, memorable lessons for kids (incl. younger kids) about values.

Brooke Snow said...

Tender Mercy :) Thanks for sharing!

Sharon (Nicole's mom) said...

Hello my darling! Yes its true that neither you or Steve were raised in the church, but the good news is you were both raised by parents that were god loving and respectful. You were both taught good values and morals as children, which probably prepared you for the life you would lead as adults! Personally I think Sharon would probably agree with me that you and Steve are way too hard on yourselves when it comes to your parenting and spirituality skills. I am the most impressed with the wonderful parenting job the two of you are doing, and I have to admit that I really feel the training you have gotten from your church has had a huge impact. I also believe that you both went on a mission, and that you were not raised in this church, has made the two of you more compassionate and understanding individuals!! I encourage the two of you to always try to better yourselves as parents and as individuals, but I also would love to see you be proud and take some credit for the wonderful job you are doing as parents!! Megan and Erika are so blessed to have you as parents, and I love being your mom and mother in law!!!xoxoxoxo

Ash said...

Both Jeff and I were raised in the church, but just like you, sometimes we get so overwhelmed by our responsibilities to teach our children. Looking back at my childhood, nothing really sticks out more than the example that my parents gave us. I think of the countless hours of service my mother gave to others, and never complaining about her callings, even when she had 6 young kids and was R.S. president!
Just know that you are doing a great job setting a good example!
As long as you invite the Spirit into your home, you will know those things you need to do.
I pray every day to be a good mom and to help my kids to gain their own testimony, and I know that God hears and answers my prayers!

Hailey said...

I use this site for primary and have recently felt incredible promptings to also get this part of our family life on solid ground. I think this site is going to be a fantastic resource...