Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting Sicker?

Okay the little slice of heaven I described in my last post is OVER. Erika has turned into a Whining machine. poor baby, I know...I feel terrible...but EVERYTHING is in a whiny voice....EVERYTHING. Steve said she spent all morning just laying on him...then all 3 of them took naps (lucky ducks) b/c both girls had fevers again. (and I thought we were on the mend. not so).
Once I got home, Steve and Megan went out to buy a new thermometer....Erika and I layed on the living room floor and read books. Then we decided to make cupcakes. 2 times during that, I stepped away for a minute. Both times, she went running to her room whining and laid on Megan's bed kicking her legs pitching a fit. BOTH times, I have no idea why and can only assume that that was her way of showing me that she was not happy I left the kitchen. ....

You're getting an idea of how the last 24hrs has been:)

the THIRD time, she did this, she kept calling me in her super whiny voice..when I finally went down there, she was just lying there and when I arrived, she continued to pitch her fit.
So awesome.
I had to laugh and tease her...what else can I do? she is so miserable and I feel so bad.
I'm actually sleeping on the floor in their room tonight b/c I don't want her to choke to death or suffocate b/c she can't breath:(:( Alyssa said they've had quite a bit more deaths with this H1N1 in children than with the regular flu.

At dinner, every time Steve tried to talk to her she would just say in a high pitch whiny voice
"daddy Moooooooo!" (which is No) and if he persisted, she would just cry. I finally told him not to look at her or talk to her. lol. I thought this type of moodiness stuff didn't start til they were teenagers?

I'm trying to remain optimistic though and remember that this will pass. positive thing about the Moosh though...she sat perfectly still while Steve and Dustin gave her a blessing tonight. THAT was surprising. A NICE surprise:) OH...and they're so sick, they both went right to sleep without a PEEP tonight. gotta be thankful for that:).....

here's to a better healthier week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sickness, Snuggles and Service

Well, as most of you may already know, we have been SICK!. ugh. I came down with it on Saturday night and was sick on Sunday but mostly Monday, it was YUCKY!!! the fever, achey body, sore throat, cough....blah. Is it swine flu? maybe...who knows really, but if it is, it's certainly not as bad as the regular flu. ( I hate puking and there has been none of that with this flu so YAY!).

Then Yesterday the girls started to be under the weather, megan woke with the cough and fever and today Erika woke up looking like death warmed up, poor baby.
It's been a rough week, but I couldn't let this all go by without expressing some gratitude.
Being away from home, it can kinda suck when bad weeks like this hit and you have no family to call on, but for some reason, the Lord has seen fit to bless me with incredible friends.

On Sunday night I went to bed at 7:30pm...I slept right through til 8:30am and didn't get out of bed til steve left for work. I was up for 2hrs (and feeling like CRAP, DYING to go back to sleep) when lacey called and offered to just come and take my girls so I could go back to bed. Out of my mouth came "Oh yes, that would be wonderful!"
but in my head was "WHAT? are you seriously an angel sent from GOD?! if I was rich, this service would be worth at LEAST one million dollars right now!".

She came without hesitation and took the girls while I napped another 2.5hrs. Then at 1pm she brought erika back for a nap and I napped for ANOTHER 1.5hrs! she kept megan til about 4pm! by Tuesday I was feeling pretty good again and I completely attribute that to all the SLEEP I got. LACEY-THANK YOU!

My next dillemma was that today was my first day of school and with the girls getting sick yesterday, who in the heck was going to watch them? Lacey and Lyndsey couldn't risk their small babies getting it and Steve couldn't get off work:(:( Well, as if one miracle wasnt' enough, I had Christi Lott, Alyssa Phair and my friend Chrystal all offer to take my girls for the day!
they have all already had the pig flu so they were ok with watching them (thank goodness!).
It worked out that Christi and Stephanie took turns watching them today. I was so sad to leave my sick baby girls today but knew they were in good hands and that made ALL the difference.

I want to think that I would have done the same thing in these 2 situations, but I don't know? I feel you all are SO much better than me! but don't worry, this has been a good lesson in Humility! I will for sure be there the best that I can to help any of you when you get sick! or have sick kids!! I am SO thankful for the friends and "family" I have in the church. what a blessing!!!! and more so I think that I am MOST thankful for the awesome LIVING examples of charity and kindness that I have seen in you women. I have bowed my head in HUMBLE prayer these last few nights thanking Heavenly Father for you women and pleading to be more like you.

I love you all so much and am so thankful for your service !

p.s when I got home today, Erika and Megan spent about 10min climbing all over me giving me huge snuggles and was a little slice of heaven.......sick babies are so sweet...