Monday, April 13, 2009


I'd love to hear your feedback, I'm so excited it's finally done. I love it. Thanks to my husband for all his help and to all the wonderful Photographers I know for providing me with great images!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Photo UPDATE after my long winded post yesterday, I finally downloaded a months worth of pictures off the this willl be a Photo update blog...just a few cute things:

Megan is a great builder....this was a tower she built me one day last month. we were pretty proud of it!

The moosh LOVES to eat and actually she is really good at feeding herself and even holds all her utensils properly:)

In our family, we have a tradition we started a few years ago of having "Daddy-Daughter" dates and "mommy-daughter" dates:) Actually we got the idea from church...I think it's great and if you don't already do it, you should try it....

So, anyway...this was their date last month...a hike! Megan loved it! Steve was exhausted as she was supposed to hike most of it with him but instead opted to catch a ride! haha....

I love this one. look at that cute face!!!

One tired daddy.

When we got home from Maui last month...Megan had worked VERY hard to decorate the house for us (with Lacey's help of course!) she posted welcome home pics everywhere!!! so cute.

I just love this pic. My little bath baby with her cute piggy tails.

Erika is getting into dress up more and more...she found Steve's hat one day and loved it...

and did I mention she is obsessed with ALL of Megans shoes...and boots

So, as I mentioned yesterday, Erika LOVES to have her back (and arms, legs, tummy etc) scratched or tickled..the other day we walked into the living room to find this.
Anytime Megan tried to stop or get up and leave Erika would lift up her shirt and yell "mama ! Mama!" (which means "megan" lol). She is definitely MY daughter:)

**oh, oh...and something kind of exciting for me.....

It looks like Erika has picked up the artistic talent from me and her Uncle Shawn. For those who dont' know Steve's brother is a professional animator:

He is VERY talented..and I have been drawing since befor I was 2yrs old.

Anyway...not only is Erika left handed (she hasn't used her right hand for over 2mo's and uncle shawn is a lefty too) but she holds her pen PERFECTLY! we never showed her how she just does it. This is her drawing at 16mos old. This is incredible to me and very exciting. Megan didn't hold her pen like this til she was atleast 2.5yrs old:)

I love it! so cute...she looks like a little grown up there coloring away. I can't wait to see more of her talents emerge:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

man am I behind...I don't even know what to blog about.....

Man....I'm SO far behind. I'm sorry..I've just gotten really lazy.
I guess I will just make this an UPDATE post for all my friends and family who are out of town:

1. Steve has completely finished school. He will write his liscensing exam in May and then he is free to work as Dr. Wagner:) With the economy, we have not had too much luck lately but we are both choosing to be optimistic and we encourage each other and are trying to exercise our Faith that Heavenly Father will bless us with something great:)

2. I'm starting my own REAL WEBSITE! it will be
I have never been lacking for business but this year with the economy we have noticed things are abit slower and so we decided to make the investment to get me a newer website and hope to generate for exposure for Nicole Wagner Makeup!!!

3. Megan has recently interviewed with the School nearby for early entry into Kindergarten.
Down here, you MUST be 5yrs old by September 1st or you have to wait til next year. No exceptions. Your only option is to apply for early entry and have your child go through interviews and testing to see if they can score in the 98th Percentile across the nation, proving they are a talented and gifted child and therefore being admitted "early" into kindergarten.
Megan misses the cutoff by a mere 3wks. At first I wanted to keep her home for my own selfish reasons...i'm just not ready to let her go..but everyone who knows her has told me (gently) that she is way too smart and READY to hold her back. I agreed and started to make some phone calls.
she had her first interview with the Principal where she read the word "WILDCATS" all by herself !(keep in mind she is barely 4.5yrs old)..she blew us all away. He recommended her to take the TAG testing and said he thinks she needs to start this year.
Today she was invited back to attend the kindergarten class for an hour this morning and then she did a reading test where the lady said she thinks she's at about a first grade level but wants her to come back for further testing this week. SO....that is where we're at with that.

4. Erika. Oh Erika..that kid cracks us up!!! she is starting to say some words....they might not be completely understandable to everyone else but they are to us:
the words include:
"Aaaa Duh!" (all done)
"Cheh-deh" (Chester. The squirrel who visits us on our patio each day)
"zzzzzhhhh" (cheese)
"ssssss" (sleep)
" dgeh dgeh" (danger!)
She also walks around saying "mow" with her little cat all the time having us kiss it lol.
she does lots of signs and is just an all around funny kid.
I have noticed how much she is like me!! she LOVES to get dirty (okay, I meant ME when I was LITTLE.). she will sit and play in the dirt for a long time and be totally okay with getting filthy. she loves to collect rocks and bring them home. She also LOVES to have her back scratched. For those of you who know me best (Mom, Dad, Tina, Tracey, Davina) know what I'm talking about! haha. Anyway..we can be ANYWHERE and if I start scratching her back she immediately lays down. she did it on the metal stairs at the playground the other day. too funny! Often she will come up to me, lifting the back of her shirt saying "mama, mama!!" b/c she wants me to tickly her back. I love that my genes got passed on somewhere! lol.

5. I'm back to my running again. Last May I took up running again which has always been a love of mine, since I was a little girl. Just ask my mom...she is sure to recount the story of my first race at bear creek park...that story just never gets old;). Anyway..I ran a few days a week last year from May to October....did my first 10K in September but then it got too cold and I stopped.
So I've been back at it for aobut 8wks now and I'm currently training for a 12K (7.5miles) on May 9th. It should be fun. I have such a competitive spirit ( I try to control it) but I just love the feeling of getting in a huge group and pushes me to run harder and the adrenaline is so fun.
I 've been running with a group of girls from church and we go 3 times a week at 6am. It is so beautiful to get up early before the world is up and to run. As hard as it is to get up in the morning ...I NEVER regret it..I always feel great after:) I WANT To run a half marathon this year but unfortunately all the days I could find I already have weddings so I might just keep signing up for 5-12K's to keep me busy til next year.

Well....I think that's about it for the Little Wagner Family:) we are loving life and are so grateful for all our blessings!!!! I have absolutely nothing to complain about!! (that doesn't mean I DON'T complain...but I really have no reason to!;)

Hope all of you are welll...