Sunday, December 5, 2010

it's about time....

Gosh...every night i lay in bed and think I need to be blogging about my days!!! but I never do. I am going to try to at least blog about the important things....
like how my mooshy and meg are growing up so fast.
I know if I don't start writing things down I will forget.
Like Erika and all her cute words....
"I know Nat Megan!!!" (I know that)
"Mommy, I WUV you!"
"Wook!" (see the trend? she can't say her "L's" or "R's")
"Toefy" (that is actually "toy story 3". it's a blended word she created lol)
"dats DE-Wiss-shus!!" (delicious)

she says hilarious random things the other day we were talking about someone and she said "yeah, he wike Santa- Santa Tiny bit Scare-wy":) lol....

Megan has her own share of funny things these days.....
she watching toy story 3 and when they put Buzz in a time out I hear her blurt out in a very ticked off voice "Oh sure!, just because he's a FAMILY MAN, you put him in the time out chair!!"
when I looked at her and said "megan you are SO funny!" she says "yeah? are you gonna put that on Facebook? lol"

Erika has been asking if she can check her email too...oh starts. ha ha.

I just love my girls so much. I have been working so much and been so busy training these girls for next year among other things that my time with them has been limited. I hATE IT! we've had a lot of tears and stress around here. I can't wait til things calm down. I am making changes to ensure I have more down time next year:):)

Last night I took Megan to the movie "tangled" and it was so awesome! I loved having her on my knee and eating treats together! we even danced in the hallway to the fun music after!! I just love her so much!!
anyway...thats all I can think of now!
I mostly just want to be able to read back on this later!!!

STEVE HACKS THE BLOG: Some recent pictures to go along with this.


Linds said...

You girls are so beautiful. Just like their mama.

Tina said...

I would sure love to see an update on this blog. Reading it was one of my favorite things to do. It's been a while Nicole, hint, hint :) love u

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