Sunday, October 24, 2010

Erika Brooke Wagner 3yrs old!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have been a crappy blogger for ...well, most of the year! but I had to find 5min to write something about my little mooshy!!

Erika will be 3yrs old tomorrow. I can hardly believe feels like it's been FIVE years! ha ha...i'm just kidding....
I wanted to write a few things that I think of when I think of the last year of her life:

*She started talking....FINALLY! we were getting really worried....
since then we've enjoyed some fabulous phrases like:

" fill in the blank". ...
Me like it! Me no like it! me no want to!, me happy!, me cranky! , me tired! me sad!, me miss papa, me want to go park! often as we correct is always "me".....
this last week she has started to use "I" a few times....very exciting!

She has started to become alot more interactive with children....her and Megan can actually play make believe a lot more b/c she can use words and talk!

Something else that has become a very consistent "Erika-ism" that she WILL NOT listen when we ask her to get dressed or put her shoes on...she has been left inside while we get into the car on multiple occasions.....sadly she hasn't learned from the consequences:) (what are we doing wrong?!).

She finally adjusted to Nursery and really loves it! they even say she is good at sharing in there....wish i could say the same for at home;)

She has also become a very compassionate kid (most of the time)...she loves to help out by getting us things we need and offering to help.

Sleep this year.....hmm....I discovered that she HAS TO nap or we get nights of insomnia..not fun with a 2yr old

she got her first REAL bike!!! with training wheels and is really good at riding it.
Every day after school, Megan, AJ and Erika play on their bikes has been one of the happiest things I've seen all year! it reminds me of when I was little and would ride bikes with my sister and friends everyday.

Erika is a true joy to our lives and also a true test of our patience. I could not imagine life without her....I asked Lacey today:
"Why do we have children like this??!!! ( i was frustrated as she was screaming at bedtime again)
and Lacey replied:
"Because WE Were children like this!"
well put, Lace. lol

Erika Brooke...we love you! you add so much spice to this family! I can't wait to see you grow up!

Here are some pictures of the last year of her life!