Sunday, August 31, 2008




I would tell you more about it...but you can read it here:

Erin, Katie...WE. LOVE. YOU.!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I knew this would happen but already with only 3 posts, Steve's blog kicks my blogs butt.
He is SO funny. you just have to read his blogs. One of his many talents is his ability to portray his dry sense of humour in writing. I love it.
this is why I fell inlove with him. He makes me laugh so hard.

I know you'll all enjoy reading his blog better than mine...I DO!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

He did it

Steve FINALLY started a blog:)
So go give him a warm welcome!!

Water Babes....I mean "Babies" ;)

So, it's no secret that we LOVE to swim! any day it's over 80 degrees, we're in the pool:)

Erika can swim faster in her floaty than megan can sometime! she's like a speedboat and
she doesn't care how much she splashes herself!! lol
Steve and megan underwater...they do this all the time!

Coming back from a big swim!:)

A few days later I was in the pool with Holly and the girls....and Erika looked like she was going to fall asleep....the water was rocking her floaty and she was totally relaxed. I wouldn't have believe it myself if I hadn't been there! so I ran home and grabbed my camera....

Out cold.

She slept for a whole 35min like this! it was SOoooooooo cute!!

My Sweetheart

I have a bunch of pictures to post but have been so busy with weddings I havn't gotten around to it.
so, we were just eating lunch....megan and I at the table and Steve was on the couch....
suddenly Megan says "i'll be right back"...
"where are you going?" I ask..
"i'm going to take daddy's plate and put it on the kitchen counter for him"..(his plate was empty)..
then she went and got it and did just that!
I wanted to cry it was so sweet.
HOW in the world did she become so thoughtful?

I swear....but she was just born the sweetest, most thoughtful little girl! I really think Heavenly Father sent her to us to be our teacher.
I love you Megan.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good bye Jessica and the 2 second timer....

So, our sweet friend Jessica is moving back to LA tomorrow:( ...she was only here for a year but left an impression on us all so that we'll never forget her. In all her humility she really didn't think she did much while she was here...but she was ALWAYS helping EVERYONE!!!
She helped Katie with my baby shower last year when she didn't even know me yet! she has babysat countless times and I know she has been there for the other girls as well to:
walk dogs, babysit, bake cookies (her Specialty) take meals, bring flowers etc etc...

So..we wanted to have a few girls together before she left for some mint brownies and one last gab session:)
I forgot to get out my camera while Rosie and Lynell were still there...Sorry girls!!!

*But anyway..after our brownies..we decided to set the camera up on timer...
the "TWO SECOND" timer... (Honi might disagree with that)

after my Initial 'Butt in the Air" picture (see below), I thought it would be a good idea for each of us to take a turn hitting the button and running to get in the picture...they were all a little faster than me....

So, here they are!!........

This was our first picture on the 10 second timer....a little too long to a hold a perfect smile...

This is MY shot on the 2 second timer LOL

(notice my feet are NOT touching the floor)

and HONI, stop trying to bite my BUTT!!!!!

Jessica on the 2 second timer

(where did my head go?)

Erin on the 2 second timer....Woot woot!

Okay now before we see Honi's....I must explain..

she was really mad at me but it was SO funny!!!

I actually switched it to "custom timer" (which I didn't even know I had! )

so that it was on ONE SECOND:) hee hee...

here she goes....

(the camera also takes 3 shots consecutively on the custom timer)

so here is me telling Honi it was set to one second

Here she is with her supermodel hair (Erin and Jessica said so) wondering why it's STILL taking pictures? lol

And last but not least, here is Honi's REAL 2 second shot..

don't you love how she's perfectly posed? that's me saying "nooooooo" b/c it was too good!

she can't be mad now b/c I have the flying butt picture up here.

I love you Honi! lol

We'll miss you Jessica!!!! keep a spot on the beach open for me in LA-I'll see you next year!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

"...Than by any other book"

Can anyone finish the quote above? I'm sure many of you can.

It has been weighing heavily on my mind lately that I need to be more aligned with the spirit in my life than I am. So, I ask myself what can I be doing? The answer is always the same...for the past 11yrs since I joined the church the answer is ALWAYS the same:
"Study the Scriptures. Read the Book of Mormon".
( I love how consistent the Lord is:))

I LOVE the Book of Mormon, but somehow since I got married my routine and habit of reading each day has been lost. It is very frustrating to me. I want to read but just haven't instituted a good enough routine...and then you throw 2 children into the mix and there goes the rest of your day! SO.... Steve brought home a desk from his nana's estate and I cleaned out our walk-in closet and put in here....I love it! I have put my scriptures out and actually started reading. The plan now is to get up before the girls and study the Book of Mormon. Today was day 1.
Does anyone else want to join me in this challenge? I want to read it through again before the end of the year.
I have also started using the book of Mormon student manual to add commentary to what i'm reading and it is very interesting.
A few quotes from the manual that caught my eye this morning..I thought you might be interested in:

"Every Latter-day Saint should make the study of this book a lifetime pursuit. Otherwise he is placing his soul in jeopardy and neglecting that which could give spiritual and intellectual unity to his whole life. There is a difference between a convert who is built upon the rock of Christ through the Book Of Mormon and stays hold to that iron rod, and one who is not" (Marion G. Romney Conference April 1975)

"It seems to me that any member of this Church would never be satisfied until he or she had read the Book of Mormon time and time again, and thoroughly considered it so that he or she could bear witness that it is in very deed a record with the inspiration of the Almighty upon it, and that its history is true....
...No member of this Church can stand approved in the presence of God who has not seriously and carefully read the Book of Mormon" ( Joseph Fielding Smith Conference 1961)

So, i'm excited to begin a study of the Book of Mormon again.....for a while there I did read it through once every year...for about the first 7yrs but I have now fallen behind. I miss it. I miss the feeling I get when I read it. Feelings of peace, love, hope, joy and a deeper understanding of who I am , why i'm here and how loving and gracious my Savior Jesus Christ is.

I want to bear my testimony...especially for those reading this who aren't members of the church....
I know that the Book of Mormon is true.. I still remember praying about it before I joined the church to know if it was true. I had read it and I wanted to know for sure. I received an undeniable witness while on my knees one night that the Book IS true. It has changed my life. I do feel it has brought me closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I feel their love when I open it's pages. I feel more clear minded and I have received many answers and inspired direction for my life by reading from it.
I am so thankful to know that God loves his Children. I'm so thankful that He has given us ANOTHER witness of Jesus Christ. If you believe in the bible, then read the Book of Mormon, it will only strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and affirm to you that the Bible is also true.

I hope some of my friends will join with me in studying the Book of MOrmon AGAIN from front to back. Remember the promise of our dear prophet President Hinckly a few years ago? I believe that promise is still in force and I plan to reap the blessings of it:)
Love to you all!
happy Reading!!